Marijuana and Stress: A Time Tested Coping Strategy


Funerals tend to send conflicting signals to the sober mind. You have to attend them out of respect for the person who was just blessed and past unto the next level of the ultimate journey. Who cares if you barely knew who they were. This was the case regarding one of my uncles about a year ago; I’d met him once in my entire life and as he was lying in that coffin about to be committed to the earth; I couldn’t even remember what he looked like. A lot of my fellow relatives thought that I was callous for not shedding a tear at his funeral. I was accused of being heartless when I said that I barely even knew the guy. And of course, the level of detachment that I experienced was compounded by the fact that the morning before the funeral, I’d engaged in the benefits of a phat blunt.

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Had my family known about it, I would have undoubtedly been reprimanded accordingly — But it raised an interesting thought in my mind: they hadn’t smoked anything and they were all crying their eyes out due to the passing of my uncle. I had smoked and I felt that the entire situation was just like any other ordinary event in the grand scheme of life. When they went through a stage of grieving at the wake, I was happy to just head on home and get back to my usual routine. I’m not suggesting that everyone should smoke weed as a coping mechanism, but I am saying that I’d rather get through my troubles without any major emotional backlash if at all possible. And if weed is the way to make that happen, then I see no reason to avoid it.

This of course, raises bigger issues of debate: should we detach ourselves from reality by smoking cannabis if its for the greater benefit of ourselves? While I’d suggest that moderation and temperance is the key, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone then I don’t see why we shouldn’t. Is it better for my mental state of health to listen to my uncle’s heartbreaking eulogy, or to sit in the church and imagine that the pews are horses begging to be saddled? Personally, I find greater imagination and productivity in the latter; had I wanted to be depressed, I would have written my own vacuous speech about the guy who I knew nothing about.

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At the end of the day, it’s not advisable to smoke weed during serious situations, obviously. However, the point should be emphasized that if that is your method of coping, then you’re just like everyone else with a different outlet. Some people write their depressing feelings down in a journal; others cry into their pillows and phone relatives for hours on end. If your method of coping with a difficult situation is to get high, then it’s just another form of escapism that works for you personally.

It’s often possible to overlook the usefulness of weed as a coping strategy, and while smoking it does potentially exile you from the harsh brutality of reality for a while, I know that I’d rather get through my troubles by engaging in a practice that suits me than by bringing everyone else down with my woes.



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  1. I agree that smoking weed during grief calms your mind and let’s you see the situation for what it really is. I also believe that you are given a better insight on how to respond to grief or stress. Good article, though its mostly opinion based.

  2. Ever since I’ve used cannabis, i feel like a lot of sad events are just part of life. There’s no use in stopping to grieve. Sure, its alright to feel a little pain. Everyone does. But its not like making yourself sad about it is healthy.

    Life doesnt stop. Why should you?

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