Marijuana Tea For A More Elevated Mindset


As has been true throughout cooking’s history… herbs make great tea for human health. And marijuana is no different. Have you ever tried marijuana tea? Well, I did last night for the very first time. It was far more relaxing than I could have ever expected. Creating a good marijuana tea tends to takes a little time, some skill, and the patients to get your prep work done in advance. Anyone who has ever cooked with marijuana, knows that the most time is spent in the labor intensive step of extracting the active cannabinods from the marijuana.

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THC is not effortlessly soluble with just water alone – however with additional saturated fats such as milk or butter the transference will transpire given a little time, patients and heat. If a slightly more potent tea is what you are looking for, just add  a generous tablespoon of marijuana butter.

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When first acquiring knowledge on just how to make a good cup of marijuana tea, you must remember drinking marijuana green tea is not as strong as if someone was to smoke their marijuana. As the cannabinoids have been ingested, the tea will tend to make for a much slower onset of the medication. Depending on the strain used, it should have a mellow time-released euphoric high, with a nice body numbing effect. The great thing about ingesting your medication, is that it tends to have a long lasting effect which can potentially last for hours.

There are as many variations of marijuana tea as there are strains of weed. Some taste better, while some medicate better. So, conditional on your inclinations – choose the marijuana tea recipe that will best suit your needs.

Don’t want to get to high?

Since making marijuana tea with the simple technique of just boiling the trim tends to not discharge as many of the psychoactive cannabinoids – One can make a nice mild marijuana spice tea, mostly active with just the weeds pigments and terpenoids, as they are water soluble. So your pot tea looks… and smells a bit more promising than its actual effect will be. This is great news for those that just want a low dose of medication; in addition to many of the non-cannabinoid elements which are also known to have wonderful medicinal properties.

The French Connection To Marijuana Tea

Next up, the French-press technique – with just your average French-press coffee maker that you can get from Target or Starbucks, it’s easy to whip up a very nice cup of herb tea. It retains heat for an extended period of time, thus allowing your marijuana to soak freely. Keeping in mind that this is the high octane version, so – while I’m boiling the water, I add two shots of Captain Morgan dark rum. This time allows for the THC on the resin to start dissolving. Once the water has hit full boil … just add it in and set aside for about two hours and allow steeping. Next up, just to add a touch more flavor; add a few bags of Chai tea. The sweet and spiced zest mixes very well with a nice indica trim.

Allow steeping for about 10-15 minutes – then remove the tea bags, making sure to squeeze them. Sweeten…add milk and watch the days stress fall off you.


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  1. That is very interesting! I had no idea that you could make tea as different doses. Very cool, to know, and will be helpful for my older relatives.

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  4. Yep, SOO much more relaxing than a toke. Unless you want to get that mind-melting almost hallucinatory effect that a joint will give you, weed tea is the way to go. It simply puts you in a great mood, and elevates your consciousness just enough to feel it but not enough to be overwhelming. I used to smoke all the time but the heady trip was too much for me. Weed tea is the bomb

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