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Medical Marijuana and The United States… A Tenth Amendment Joke


How intuitive were our forefathers? Was the Constitution a living document? Or was it something that was set in stone, meant to be followed throughout the ages, regardless of how mankind evolved with technologies, pharmaceuticals, and guns? With so many judges on the Supreme Court claiming to be strict constitutionalists, one can’t help but wonder how we haven’t stumbled across the 10th amendment question, regarding marijuana prohibition. Eventually someone’s going to have to address the “Elephant in the room.” How is it? The current federal government feels that they have been empowered, under the Constitution to prohibit different states and their local municipalities from legalizing marijuana? As we now understand it, “Federal law” prohibits the possession of pot. Yet… if a simple federal law can ban marijuana – Why was it that alcohol Prohibition required a constitutional amendment?

The states remained suspicious that the new federal government would encroach on their powers. They demanded and got ten amendments to the Constitution that specifically banned Congress from passing laws on matters that were understood to be within state control. The Tenth Amendment flatly declared, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”[Source]

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When one looks at the collective American history of cannabis, hemp and the “redheaded stepchild,” the marijuana plant; we see that it was legal to both “cultivate marijuana” and “possess” for consumptions under both federal law and state laws. As the seeds of marijuana medicine began to spread throughout the United States, by 1840 marijuana’s known pharmacological potential had begun to be recognized by many noted U.S. doctors. In the United States history… there was a brief moment of “shining clarity” from 1850 – 1941 when cannabis had a starring role within the United States Pharmacopeia of available medicines for the pains, aches, and other medicinal needs of the late 1900s.

However that was short-lived and came to a painful end thanks to William Randolph Hearst and his band of thugs. Hell bent on a “rape and pillage” the earth mentality. Hemp was out. Tobacco, cotton, and plastics were in. By the end of 1936 the party was all but over. The “fat lady” had sung… and the tune was a “Death March” of ignorance.

The hits were hard and fast. All 48 states enacted laws outlawing and prohibiting the plant that had saved this nation’s ass, from its birth and through both world wars. With the onset of new pharmacological discoveries, marijuana was for the first time – was relegated to the sleepy, dark shadows of prohibition and called a narcotic. While the focus turned to a new class of  drug’s – Aspirin and Opiates; Opium was the new hero of the day… it’s newly derived high from morphine helped kick marijuana to the proverbial prohibition curb. No longer needed in this modern world for the management of human pain. No. There is no limit to the art of deception, the Fed’s and Big Pharma will stop at nothing, to jail your youth and pick your pockets of any loose change not already allocated to one of their corrupt corporate pals.



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  1. It is up to us, We the people, to FORCE by vote or voice The Fed into compliance with the Constitution. If we continue to allow the Fed to step on, violate and or abrogate our RIGHTS given by God and guaranteed by Constitution then we will have no rights at all. I have been preaching this message since I was a preteen and people thought I was nuts. I have lived to see a large number of people become aware of the issues but there remains what are WE going to do about it? Are we finally ready to make our voices heard over the song of greed that deafens so much of this nation? Look people, Look at the greed and the violence and the lack of respect. Thomas Jefferson and many of our founding fathers believed that an “Armed society is a polite society”. Now look at what gun control really does, it takes away our one last resort. IS the Fed afraid of the citizenry? I don’t think so. Why? Because the citizenry has allowed the Fed to gain more power than it was ever meant to have. It used to be that WE THE PEOPLE had tehe power and the authority. try telling that to the cops when they come knocking at your door. If you do not “comply” they break in and you are either shot or tasered and it matters not one bit if you are guilty or innocent nor does it matter if the cops even have to wrong house. You have no right to be free from unlawful search and seizure today. You have no right to defend yourself if cops break into your home at 3am even though the house they wanted was on the other side of the city.

    Now, I DO NOT advocate nor do I espouse the idea of armed rebellion but I do believe that our current Federal Government is in violation of both the letter and the spirit of the Constitutional law upon which this nation is/was founded. So where do we go from here? that is up to you, each and every one of you. Do we sit back and allow the abuse to continue or do we start it over with some additional safeguards to make sure that no one can ever abuse, abrogate or ignore our rights again?

    This is America, once the greatest nation this world has ever seen and we can be again but we must unite and MAKE our voices heard by what ever means we must use. I believe in this nation and I believe in the patriots in this nation but with out our immediate intervention I fear for this nation. I will not be surprised if I am investigated, arrested or have an accident for sounding my feelings on this but I am tired of seeing so many of my fellow Americans being downtrodden by an oppressive, greedy, totalitarian Govt.

    If we were truly living by the Constitution today legalization would not be an issue anyway, As this country was founded, laws were enacted to protect the rights of individuals not to oppress or step on the rights of others. What ever one did in the privacy of their own home was their business. There were no such thins as victimless crimes. There was “Life, liberty, and justice for all. There was the freedom to do as you pleased without worry that some cop was gonna show up and arrest you for harming no one. If what you did was something I did not like I was free to leave and go home and not worry about what you did as long as you were not hurting me or my family or others, it was not my issue. I was free to ignore what I did not like. I was not in need of any law that let me run to the local cops and have you locked up for your pursuit of happiness. And you did not have the RIGHT to interfere with MY pursuit of happiness so long as that happiness did no harm to you or anyone else.

    How far has the apple of freedom fallen from the tree of liberty! Where oh where is freedom today? Well if you don’t hear from me again you will know that I have fallen victim to the oppression of the Fed. for what I have said here today. To all my friends in Law enforcement, and all of my brothers in uniform, I ask you to remember that it is the PEOPLE of this nation who you work for , remember your oaths, who will you be serving and or protecting if you follow blindly the orders your are given to prosecute, persecute of execute people who are trying to live by constitutional law?

    In my personal belief system, God wants us to live and let live. I believe that America is a time clock, when this nation falls the rest of the world will fall as well. I believe that the war of Armageddon CANNOT occur as long as America is strong and stands by Israel.

    Now my solution is fairly simple, 1) Close our borders until we fix things here at home. 2) Return to the Constitution and scrap any and all laws that are not in compliance with the Constitution. 3) Bring all US based/owned business home. 4) Ship any and all Illegal immigrants back to their own nations of origin. 5) Do away with all courts that are not approved Constitutionally. 6) Open our prisons and let all but the violent offenders and those convicted of victimless crimes go free. 7) Lets all sit down, smoke some really good weed and start over again with the same insight that our forefathers used.

    Free the Weed!

    Well guess I am done with my rant, feel free to add or tear apart my thoughts as you see fit. I have shared them so they are yours too now!

  2. PS Moderators, if you feel this is in the wrong place please move it I just happened to be here when this hit me. Thx, Dark

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