Medical Marijuana’s Magnificent Seven Strains For Fibromyalgia


This headline popped out at me the other day…“While self-medicating with cannabinoids may provide some pain relief to fibromyalgia patients, we caution against general use of illicit drugs;“ the journal of Arthritis Care & Research. As a general rule of thumb, I tend to take those types of warnings with a grain of salt. Instead – my primary thought process headed in another direction. Rather than warning the already supportive masses, against a plant we all know to be helpful, I was led to wonder…what would be the right strain of medical marijuana for such an ailment.

In a world loaded with over the counter prescription drugs, a new study has found approximately 10 % of fibromyalgia patients choose to medicate with medicinal marijuana as a means of relieving their related discomforts such as insomnia, fatigue, and pain.

Standard drug treatments for fibromyalgia-related pain provide only modest relief, and some patients self-medicate with marijuana and other traditional therapies, said Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, a professor of medicine at McGill University and consulting rheumatologist at the Montreal General Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal.

She and her colleagues looked at the use of marijuana or prescription cannabinoids such as nabilone and dronabinol among 302 patients with fibromyalgia and 155 patients with another chronic pain condition.

About 13 percent of all 457 patients used cannabinoids, with 80 percent using marijuana. Smaller numbers used prescription cannabinoids, according to the study findings published online June 21 in the journal Arthritis Care & Research. [source]

The report then goes on to point out that of the fibromyalgia patients who consumed medical marijuana in the fight for a reduced level of pain in their life, 72% claimed to only need about one gram of weed or less per day (about $15). When compared to the soul crushing prices that big pharmaceutical business charge for their opioids, its no surprise they fear this wonder plant.

After doing a little digging this morning. I came up these magnificent seven medical marijuana strains that represent a wide spectrum of cannabinoids available to help with pain reduction in fibromyalgia patients. These cannabinoids have several well-documented beneficial effects for many aliments.

BLACK JACK: This cross of Jack Horror and Black Domina is an excellent sativa dominate strain. great for depression and nausea. Δ 9-THC 16.64% CBC .07% CBD .24% CBG 1.69% CBN .19%

CHEM 4: This Chemdog phenotype is an indica dominate strain great for severe pain. Starts off cerebral but quickly turns into couch lock. Δ 9-THC 18.97% CBC .0% CBD .27% CBG 0% CBN .61%

SILVER PEARL: Northern Lights #5 x Skunk x Early Pearl. This sativa is great for migraines and productivity while being highly medicated Δ 9-THC  22.18% CBC .08% CBD .30% CBG 0% CBN .94%

GRAPE APE Pure indica strain. Grape like smell and taste with a hint of skunk. Works for stress relief, nervousness, and chronic pain. Δ 9-THC 16.64% CBC .07% CBD .24% CBG 1.69% CBN .19%

AK BERRY Sweet flavored cross of AK-47 and Blueberry. This hybrid has the sativa punch of AK with the pain relieving qualities of Blueberry Δ 9-THC 15.69% CBC .02% CBD .36% CBG 0% CBN .54%

BLUE DREAM The name says it all. this hybrid is great for relaxing and daytime pain relief. light smooth blueberry and spice taste. Δ 9-THC 18.46% CBC .04% CBD .31% CBG 0% CBN .28%

PERMAFROST Trainwreck and White Widow cross is a hybrid best for stress and anxiety. Smooth smoke that leaves you feeling energetic Δ 9-THC 18.46% CBC .04% CBD .31% CBG 0% CBN .28%

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  7. Rebecca Gallagher on

    I’m a fibromyalgia and MS patient. I was taking 16 different pills a day not counting the pain pills they want me to take. I’m now down to 13 different ones a day, and am weaning off another one. I can do this because I’m honest with my drs. and told them that I find that smoking medical marijuana relieves what the pills cannot, and that I’m now eating edibles and drinking tea (marijuana)…..finding that I feel alot better, with very little pain or at times, no pain at all. I’m out of the wheelchair, and use my walker very seldom:). All because I smoke medical marijuana which benefits me more than any pain pill, or pills for my MS, and fibro.
    I’m so very thankful for weed:)

  8. Interesting, but I disagree. As a fibro sufferer of many years, i have been testing strains for the past 8 years, as it is the only thing that controls the symptoms.
    Number one, out of all of them, is Cannatonic. 6%CBD, 6%THC. Incredible painkiller, and very calming and soothing.
    Next is dieseltonic. It is NYC Diesel crossed with Cannatonic. Then there is Z7, sensi-star crossed with Cannatonic.
    High CBD strains are the best for fibro as they are the best painkillers.

  9. this report it total and utter nonsense.

    for one all the strands listed have very low CBD levels (.24%) not even 1%.

    CBD is the part of marijuana that is a pain reducer and anti-inflammatory potentially useful for fibromyalgia NOT THC which is a psychoactive agent.

    if you want medical marijuana with high or equal levels of CBD to THc look for Cush and others that have been bread specifically for this purpose, not just all the get high strains with ridiculous amounts of THC. (unless of course you are faking it and really just want to get high legally)
    You can also just buy CBD extract now with no prescription needed through Dixie X.

    tommy nailed it on the head ^^^, he too has been testing these for the last few years, and confirms the high or equal CBD strains are the best for pain.


  10. I am a medical provider in Humboldt Co. specializing in high CDB, low THC medicine. I couldn’t agree more that the strains listed in the article, although strong medicine, NOT the best choices for this condition. A high CBD strain such as Cannatonic, or hybrid of, is most definatly the correct course of action. CBD ratios compared to THC are generally low & because of the psyco-active effects of THC, high doses of CBD’s are hard to obtain without often overwhelming effects from the THC. Ya just get to high before the desired dosage of CBD’s are achieved. CBD’s are non psyco-active & dosage levels are finally being studied. I personally have taken mega doses of a pure CBD apple cider vinegar menstrum, providing pain relief comparable to the strongest synthetic opioid without getting high. The availability of pure CBD extracts is just hitting the medical community & the yet unknown benefits of “CBD mega-doses” will have a profound effect on the human race.
    The recent CBD rich breeding efforts here in Northern Cali have produced low THC, high CBD strains such as Sour Tsunami, Harlequin, & the daughter,, Harle-Tsu. These strains allow high CBD intake without getting knocked out for 12 hours. Pain relief without gettin stupid!!!!
    The greatest medicinal benefit from THC,CBD, CBG is when injested in conjuntion with THCA. THC-acid is the non psyco-active pre-curser to THC. THCA promotes cellular communication & healing. My opinion being, THCA is the fountain of youth. Obtainable from fresh flowers or leaf before time, light, & heat decarboxylates the non psyco-active acid into the psyco-active THC. This is where daily fresh juicing comes into play… If ya got any questions on this feel free to contact me. Steven Sullivan.
    plz support; NORML ,,,, Americans for safe access,,,, project CBD

    • Wow, that was informative. Just sent you Steven an email. I am a fibro sufferer but will turn into a butt kicker 🙂 I am looking for high Cbd strains that I can ingest as I can’t smoke. I reside in Portland Oregon. I really want my life back. I am not looking to get high. My adorable two kids keep me sane, my husband has been a hero. I want to be alive. I am requesting resource info also on thca. Blessing and thanks

    • Hi Steven. I have been exploring and trying to learn about different strains to help with my fibromyalgia. I have been a suffering from this for over 25 years. I have tried a lot of different antidepressants with little success. Side effects were bad such as weigh gain etc. II live in PA and trying to figure out how to get some of the edibles.

  11. This past weekend my daughter and I made a trip to beautiful Colorado. We had a family get together. Although from Kansas, unable to buy legit medical. I went to become educated In the field in hopes our state could look beyond the past, join to the future. I have FM, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs my T9-T12 , L4 and my C2, C3, C5. Also neuropathy in my feet and lower shins, recovery from breast cancer.
    I’ve seen what cancer does to humans and animals. I’ve watched 87% of my family die from this disease. I’ve lost several close friends die from cancer and chronic pain accompined with their diseases. I didn’t get to learn from High Times World Cup or The 420 Rally. This article here has helped for future reference . What can we do to get our government informed and pushed thru. If i could I should move. Another family living, another loss of taxes. Too bad politics need to control what we, the people put in our bodies to ease the pain.

  12. I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia and Lymes Disease for quite sometime. Like others, I pretty much had a mini- pharmacy in my room. It felt like I was just poisoning my body because the prescription medications just made me feel worse. I decided enough was enough because I felt as if I was dying. I went to my doctor told her my plans and she supported me with the proper documention to get my medicinal marijuana license. Of course, I had to wean myself off of the prescription medications which was one of the most horrible experiences in my life. After going through that, I knew that those meds didn’t belong in my body. Truthfully, I was introduced to Kush Oil which totally brought me through the withdrawal phase. Long story short, I’ve been using medical marijuana ever since and it has improved my quality of life a great deal. I can’t say I’m healed but at least l can get out of bed now and think more clearly….If anybody knows where I can get a strain which is high in CBD and low in THC please post. Preferably around the Tacoma and Seattle area. Thanks!!!!

  13. Liz Benmasaud on

    Thank you so much for this information. I have had fibromyalgia for the past 20yrs & have just been diagnosed with a degenerating spine. I am on numerous pills & am about to under go injections into my spine. Well no more, I am weaning myself off the pills & will be moving onto one of the above strains as I have had success with smoking or eating it in the past. It works so much better for the pain & I do wish we had it legalised here in the uk.

  14. Chuck Holden on

    Charlotte’s Web strain from Colorado. .4% thc 19.5% cbd. The strain featured on the CNN program “WEED”. It is just a hemp cross that happens to be the highest cbd strain on the planet. There are other strains such as Harlequin and Cannatonnic that have high cbd numbers, These cbd strains are a direct threat to the profitability of big pharma. Just check to see who holds a patent on MMJ. That’s right: Good old Uncle Sam. Our government says marijuana has no medical benefit yet holds the patent on both Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plant! I looked it up myself. Please support your local NORML and SSDP.

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