Nevada Assemblyman Wants To Cultivate Medical Marijuana Collectives For State


The Silver State of Nevada currently has a growing marijuana patient base of 3,430. At its current pace, the state cultivates approximately 1,100 new patients annually. As such Assemblyman Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas) thinks it’s time to re-address the way in which medical marijuana can be distributed in Nevada. Assemblyman Segerblom proclaimed that he will present legislation next year to allow for the license of medical marijuana collectives and marijuana farms in order to facilitate the medical marijuana patient’s needs.

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Currently the only way for a Nevada medical marijuana patient to access the med’s they need, is to grow their own. To add insult to injury, there is no legal way for a Nevada MMJ patient to purchase marijuana seeds. In addition to the fact that Nevada is a tough place to try and grow marijuana outside – these are sick people. Many MMJ patients lack the ability, or knowledge to be adequate gardeners to facilitate their needs. Many are just too sick to cultivate. Right now in Nevada, state sanctioned patients can have in their possession up to 1 oz. of marijuana and three mature plants. As a means of providing for a constant cycle of med’s, the MMJ patient in Nevada can also have 4 clones, or seedlings.

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When one looks at the vast number of Nevada Doctors that have written recommendations for marijuana 394, it’s not hard to surmise that even in the Silver state…”Green” is the new “Gold.” This relatively large number, for a state that has fewer people than Orange County Ca., shows a general acceptance of the substance.

Nevada representatives permitted medical marijuana after its states residents on two separate votes handed down a resounding “Yes” on a constitutional amendment which would allow marijuana for medicinal use. Those same voters, on the same two occasions have also rejected a recreational use ballot question that would have legalized marijuana use by all adults.

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 Source: Nevada Assemblyman Wants To Cultivate Medical Marijuana Collectives For State


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