Operation Ghost Click: Is The FBI Spying On “Drug” Marketing Networks?


What is Operation Ghost Click? Back in 2007, a cyber-gang used a common class of malware called a domain name server changer that has currently infected roughly 4,000,000 C.P.U.’s worldwide, and has spread to more than hundred countries. So far approximately five hundred thousand infections in the U.S., infected servers include small businesses, and individuals.

While the FBI would have you believe that in their scenario, some third world thieves from Estonian were able to manipulate the Internet advertising of 10’s of thousands of unscheduled drug company servers to generate at least $14,000,000 in unlawful payments. One can’t help but wonder, what is really going on here?

Due to the Patriot Act and other anti-privacy laws, the FBI is changing the way the existing virus infrastructure works so it can spy on corporate networks and other firms in any country that could be using illegal copyrighted software. Furthermore, underground designer drug and/or drug information is constantly being traded and communicated through these secret channels on the internet where the FBI used to have no jurisdiction (visibility?) until the virus was released into the wild. According to official sources, the FBI used July 9th as a cut-off date for quarantining the virus, but rather used it to gather evidence and data to prosecute potential future “criminals using advanced computer tactics for secure communication”

Here is a website that will allow you to run a virus scan to check and see if you system has been infected.

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