Top 5 San Francisco Marijuana Collectives: Not Closed By U.S. A.G. Haag


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U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag and her ominous little letter, crafted by the black-hearted souls over at the DOJ, have left the San Francisco mmj community trembling in fear. The Bay Area once boasted over 40 medical marijuana collectives back when the pot seeds of regulation were just being cultivated in the “Tall Grass” days of 2005… let’s see, the Compassionate Use Act was voted on when? Oh yeah, 1996. So that’s only 6 … SIX years it took the California state Legislature to get their act together. Yet last fall, once Ms. Haag sent her ode to the marijuana collectives and their property owners, “you have been warned… of property seizures or decades-long prison terms” many landlords and collective owners alike decided that the consequence were too steep, and have since closed up shop.

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Fed’s Vs. State…

When the mmj collective regulations occurred in 2005, the Medical Cannabis Act rigorously restricted areas for which a collective would not be allowed to perform a legal business; imposing tough limits on proximity to residential neighborhoods, any schools, parks, or playgrounds. Once the Dept. of Public Health took over regulation of the San Francisco mmj collectives, there were few grievances concerning medical marijuana dispensaries locations or loitering foot traffic.

Now in 2012 — with a democrat in office — San Francisco Ca. which has a population of over 812,826 (Jul 2011 stats), most of which are pot smoking liberals…has less than twenty licensed medical marijuana collectives. As many collectives do – that face storefront closures, Cathy and Steve Smith of HopeNet plan on offering their medical marijuana patients medication via a delivery service while they look for a new location to operate from.

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In U.S. Attorney Haag’s letter sent last fall to a select group of collectives who were deemed to be too close to churches, playgrounds or schools, stated they would be targeted for swift and merciless federal actions, regardless of the fact that they all were in complete compliance with city of San Francisco’s mmj dispensary zoning laws.

Top Five Collectives Still In Business:

1.)    Igzactly 420

2.)    Bay Area Safe Alternatives Inc.

3.)    The Apothecarium

4.)    SPARC SF

5.)    Bernal Heights Collective

Get there and enjoy them… while you can.


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