Why Is Marijuana Illegal …Yet Bad Commercials Are Every Where?


Why is pot illegal? Why is Lisa Rinna in a Depends commercial?

Nobody knows the answers to these questions except for her agent. I reached out and he’s unavailable for comment (too available, if you ask me). Let’s all meet up later this week and do a round-table. But until then, the law is the law, and we’re going to abide by it, officer.

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Why is pot illegal? While I understand that this is a rhetorical question and meant to be silly, as a means of using it as an opportunity to state the obvious. I’m going to answer it in a slightly more realistic context.

Most understand the reason that marijuana is currently illegal (ignorance)… and that ignorance is tied throughout the nation’s history. By the actions of a few, that had much to gain back in the 1930’s and thanks to William Randolph Hearst. Since then the cotton industry, the alcohol industry, the tobacco industry, and every other lobbying body that benefits by keeping their feet on the roots of the medical marijuana industry has contributed to the demonization of the marijuana plant, I’d say they share some blame here.

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Medical marijuana has made great strides in helping the general populations understand the true benefits of cannabinoids and all of the potential medicines that can be created from them. We have seen many devices produced specifically for the consumption of marijuana. Among the more health conscious items would be the quickly evolving vaporizer market.

When new products come out, sounding as bizarre as a marijuana vaporizer, even though based on the power of the marijuana plants emerging market value (approx. $13 billion), the consuming world tends to take notice and we end up with pieces like this in the Huffington Post…

It’s here I say this: If you don’t smoke weed, never touched the stuff, give up reading this now. It’s not going to make any sense to you. Good for you, good for you. Now… Are they out of the room? Yes. OK, I hate them. They’re idiots.

First off…not sure about the whole Lisa Rinna thing? I think that may qualify as T.M.I. But as to the pot question, I’m going to have to blame just plain greed. The ‘huff’ then goes on to cruxes of the story.

Marijuana, like any other global industry, continues to grow (I’m over the puns, can we all be?) and change rapidly to appease its consumers. But let’s face it, the end goal is always the same: Get me high (reread that with a whiney voice for optimum effect). Some learned from The Big Lebowski, some from Up In Smoke, and some from Friday (holler at your boy, Ice Cube). Ladies, I think Annie Hall taught us, er, you? And don’t get me wrong, a bong, a joint, whatever, is still the chicest thing ever. But, as Dan Savage didn’t say, but probably should have: IT GETS CHICER. Come inside!

Well O.K. then…

In my younger, sadder days (I was fat), I would walk into those weird tattoo parlors that sell bongs and see these devices on the top shelf of each glass case. One day I got up the (what’s the opposite of) courage to ask the dude how much one of those cost. One of those is called a Volcano and one of those costs between five and seven hundred dollars, he told me. The answer was no, thank you. But it got me wondering, what could be so good about this Volcano to warrant a month’s rent (in every city but New York)?

Tell me more…

I learned that vaporizing is basically the best thing ever.

True… and –

A Volcano is a vaporizer. A vaporizer — and I’m only going to say this one time, so listen up — is a nifty device that voids the production of irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products by heating the ‘material’ [source]

This to me, is the meat of the whole story. You can consume medical marijuana in a safe and effective way, minus the carcinogens. It doesn’t matter what type of vaporizer you use… its still light years better for you than smoking a daily joint.

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