'2014' Santa Ana Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative


While the city of Los Angeles has been busy spinning their wheels trying to ban marijuana collectives, medicinal pot supporters in the Orange County city of Santa Ana, have been cultivating political inroads – in the attempt at overturning the current ban on legal California, Prop 215 marijuana collectives.

While Santa Ana’s 2007 ban on the storefront collectives has done little to stunt the growth of this fast-growing industry. The ban itself has allowed the city to send around their inspectors and handout fines to those collectives which ignored the cities “cease and desist order.” Thereby causing financial hardship and forcing them to close down.

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In an attempt to qualify a ballot initiative for the 2014 election medical marijuana activists within the orange County area have begun collecting signatures that would do away with Santa Ana’s current ban and instead create a much desired and necessary registration system.

With the power of the O.C. mmj community behind them… the Santa Ana medical marijuana P.A.C. (political action committee) feels their hurdle is very do-able, as it only needs to gather approximately 10,000 valid signatures by the end of January 2013 to qualify for the 2014 regular election. Should they choose to take it up a notch… they would need to gather 16,000 to qualify for a special election in 2013.

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Should the “Medical Cannabis Restriction and Limitation Initiative” be implemented, it would put the following restrictions on any medical marijuana collective that operates within the city of Santa Ana.

1.)    No medical marijuana collective shall be allowed within residential areas

2.)    All medical marijuana collectives shall pay city , state and federal taxes

3.)    To qualify the medical marijuana collective shall have been in business prior to December 2011

4.)    No marijuana collective shall be allowed to operate within a 600 foot radius of any elementary or high school’s

In addition to the above mentioned criteria… The marijuana sold at these collectives would either need to be grown by the members of the collective at their own personal cultivation location, or grown by the collective itself on site. As such the medicine accessible at these collectives would only be available to collective members which have truly participated in the cultivation of their medicine.

Source: Marijuana.com

To get involved in the campaign please visit our website SantaAnaMMJ.com or email the Principal Officer Kandice Hawes at KandiceOCNORML@aol.com Source

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  1. rick james jr on

    Number 4 where it cannot be within 600 feet of a school zone is not practical in many places. Some areas like NYC have school zones every 500 feet…

    • Rick James Jr is a retard. Hey buddy. In ref to #4 they are talking about the city of Santa Ana Ca. Not New York. But the more compliance the shops show and do the easer things will become. Just get use to a transition.

  2. give the government what they want , TAXES! and stop all these stupid Raids from continuing . It’s really pointless cause its not stopping anything . All that is doing is making people get more educated in the industry and they come back stronger , bigger and better.

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