Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Cultivates Strong Ballot Support


Well, well, well… It looks like Arkansas is taking a step into the 21st century, after sitting around for years and watching all of the other medical marijuana states reap the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana for state sanctioned patients,` they stand a very good chance of passing a voter approved initiative. The recent effort by “Arkansans for compassionate care” handed over to the Arkansas Secretary of State another 73,000 signatures… and many within the Arkansas for compassionate care group calculate that this should be more than enough signatures to qualify their initiative for the November elections.

In total this will bring the number of signatures submitted to the Secretary of State’s office, to well over 130,000 signatures. In its first attempt earlier this year, the ACC turned in a little over 65,000 signatures, after investigation only 56% made it through the validation process. In the state of Arkansas it takes 62,507 qualified signatures in order to get an initiative on the ballot. As well, Arkansas law also provides for a 30 day period in which an organization can gather additional supporting signatures should their first submission be found defective, fraudulent, or lacking in numbers.

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With their fingers crossed that this new submission of approximately 74,000 registered Arkansas voters will be found valid… or at least invalid at the same percentage as the last submission, which should still fulfill their numerical requirements. Now it’s just a game of patience, as the campaign sits back and waits to hear from the Secretary of State as to whether or not their medical marijuana initiative officially made it onto the state ballot.

Should the medical marijuana ballot initiative be approved this November by voters – the law would allow for the creation of not-for-profit medicinal cannabis collectives, as well as putting in place a program, by which patients would submit proof of illness to a qualified doctor, that they suffer from one of the numerous medical conditions for which marijuana has been scientifically proven to provide safe and effective relief from pain.

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Should the Arkansas voters provide enough signatures to get this medicinal issue on the ballot, it would be the third state that has decided to stand up to the federal government and vote on the sensitive issue of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use. In the last 30 days two similar medicinal cannabis initiatives have gone through the rigorous process and have qualified for the November election, in both Massachusetts and in North Dakota.

Regardless of how deaf, dumb, and blind the federal government wants to pretend to be regarding the public sentiment towards the medicinal use of marijuana, while at the same time ignoring their own scientific data that they have cited in their own patent on cannabinoids; the public is ready to stand up for what they know is right.



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  1. ACC has been working really hard all over the place, I’m really happy too see that it is paying off. If this makes it onto the ballot i will be registering to vote this year!

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