DEA Cover Up Of Texas Marijuana Sting Mishap


It sucks to be Craig Patty. Who is Craig Patty you ask? He’s the owner of a small time hydraulic fracturing business who runs an operation for some local oil and gas companies in freedom loving, North Texas. It seems that Mr. Patty’s company was nearly pushed into the abyss of financial failure after an undercover federal agent, who had been posing as a driver for this unsuspecting, hardworking, tax paying company was involved in another of their famously well planned drug stings.

Things got ugly quick when Lawrence Chapa, the driver / DEA agent, that was “working” for Patty and took one of two of the company trucks and proceeded to get involved in a strange and twisted shoot out. Compliments of your Federal Government…

“Your driver was shot in your truck,” said the caller, a business colleague. “Your truck was loaded with marijuana. He was shot eight times while sitting in the cab. Do you know anything about your driver hauling marijuana?”

In addition to the rotting corpse of the would be pot smuggler, DEA driver now lying dead for the cab of the truck for the past 17 plus hours; and being gunned down in the presence of more than 12 officers from varying agencies. There were one or two other victims of the DEA’s absolute absurdity in the planning of this “Keystone Cops” like operations. A local Houston cop shot and injured a neighboring Harris County sheriff’s deputy in the gun battle — and it would seem that Mr. Patty’s business took a direct hit as well.

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“How am I — a small businessman, father of three, American Joe from Texas — supposed to make a claim against a federal agency that has conveniently shrouded itself behind a red, white and blue cloak of confidentiality and secrecy?” [source]

In recent papers shared with the local paper, Patty is asking that the DEA cough up $133,532 for the immediate repairs and lost earnings with regards to the bullet-riddled truck. In addition the owner is asking for a cool $1,300,000 for the mental anguish brought on himself and his entire family. Turns out, the Mexican drug cartel was none to please with his company’s role in the hijacking of their goods.

Mr. Patty’s company made the mistake of hiring Chapa only 5 weeks prior to the bloody shoot out. Now Patty can’t help but be curious… just how many trips in his company’s $90,000 big rig encompassed pot smuggling for the DEA. As any good business owner knows – GPS on the company vehicles are a good thing. They can show you a lot, if you know to look and now he did. His GPS data from the truck revealed an unsanctioned roundtrip to the Rio Grande Valley leading up to the days before Chapa was executed. With over a 1,000-mile round trip detour from the route he was supposed to travel it was clear that he had been on a mission of some sort.

As of yet the incredibly open and forthcoming DEA have yet to acknowledged their role in using Chapa as an undercover DEA. The DEA’s shadow policy is …as always “no comment” on the dark topic of informants.



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    • Fumar y Charlar on

      I’m sad this agent lost his life, but how many more must die in order for the U.S to finally understand that WE ARE CREATING THE MARKET with the WAR ON DRUGS!

      And how about some sympathy for the legitimate business owner left with the damaged equipment? AND NO EXPLANATION OR REPARATION?!!

  1. I saw this with my older brother- and saw it on a live show i watch on stickam. and i was just heart broken for them. how is what they are doing even helpful- GO find the Mexican mob ( o wait they tried and just gave them free guns ANOTHER thing they tried to cover up) or some meth heads (Ray ray helped me thing of that haha ) it is super sad just like homie said up there .. super… sad

  2. This is truly disgraceful behaviour by the DEA; it’s sickening to know that tax-payer money is being spent on this crap. The best way for America to help Mexico with their drug cartel problem would be to decriminalize the drugs which illegality has created a black market for them to profit (enormously) from. The cartels, with respect to illicit drugs, are the equivalent to a modern day Al Capone. The cartels would go broke if America decriminalized drugs. Even decriminalizing just cannabis would have a hugely beneficial effect. This method would actually have noticeable, long term, positive results, unlike the futile and immoral waste of time and money that the DEA is currently doing.

  3. smallpoxs_214 on

    this is what our country has come to … nothing more then greed , lies and the murder of innocent people over alittle plant . I would think the Gov’t would have better things to be getting its panties in a bunch over .

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