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Anesthesia was developed specifically to keep the Afghani skunk strain alive. A classic among old school genetics, the original Afghani skunk was passed along from breeder, to breeder and has been coveted by the many veteran growers who have cultivated the strain throughout the years. Herijuana was selected as the father in order to add medicinal strength and a more open structure to the Indica density of the Afghani strain. Anesthesia original mother was vegetated outdoors, then pollinated and bloomed in an indoor garden. The result is a smoke with a distinctly earthly Afghan flavor and a deep relaxing high.

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Anesthesia starts as a low branch plant with broad Indica leaves. When grown from seed, these plants branch extensively and yield better with ample space, but they still tend to form one large dense main flower. Anesthesia prefers a calcium rich substrate, but all growing techniques and medium are fine within these genetics. When utilizing the sea of green technique, cultivators should plant no more than nine plants per square meter. This strain also works extremely well with the screen of green technique, primarily due to the genetic predisposition of this plant to be extremely branchy, with an open structure.

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This plant tends to take up an ample amount of square footage in your cultivation room in order to reach its full yield potential. Most seasoned growers recommend no more than 4 – 5 plant’s per square meter when cultivated as cuttings from multi-branched plants. When grown from seed, relative to others, anesthesia tends to show her gender relatively late in its growth cycle.

As she enters her full flowering cycle, her growth speeds up, and she more than doubles in size, reaching between four and 6 feet in height. At full maturity, the plants begin to use considerably less water, the deep green leaves start to turn yellow, and the flowers develop red-ish brown pistols. Trichomes form a thick carpet, of sticky resin, across the buds. As is generally true with most genetics, you will not find uniformity in the maturity of these trichomes in relation to their harvest time. It’s not unusual to harvest once the majority of these trichomes have become milky in color.

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Though predominately Indica, the open plan structure and the low leaf ratio makes Anesthesia easy to manicure. The Herijuana dominant phenotypes tend to finish first and are also the most compact and resinous. Mixed phenotypes tend to develop a little slower, but have the best combination of dark musky taste and potency.

While anesthesia may have relatively diminutive sized buds – there danced rock like mugs provide hefty weight any massive yield. Since these plants have a tight flower structure, it is best to avoid grow rooms that are high humidity during the last few weeks of flowering, as mold may occur.

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Anesthesia provides a high that is deeply physical and mellowing in nature. As a medicinal strength strain, it may be too potent to be enjoyable for those that are new to the medicinal marijuana community, or even the casual recreational smoker. That being said, medical marijuana patients who depend on THC for their heavy medicating body effects… and who would like to stay mentally alert, will not be disappointed in the outstanding genetics found in Anesthesia.



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