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Some thought it was a clever headline… others thought it was a marijuana dream job, an opportunity of a lifetime. No matter how you slice it though, this job – or at least its ad… looked as good as it gets. At the time that the ad was written – I’m quite sure no one had any idea of the controversy that was to follow. This might go a long way in explaining why there has been a dead silent response from the southern Arizona newspaper called the “Tucson weekly.”

Wanted; marijuana critic applicants must have a legitimate condition which allows the use of medical marijuana, a clean driver’s license and some writing experience.

Later this year—once Arizona’s medical-marijuana system is functioning—the Tucson Weekly will need the services of a medical-marijuana critic. This individual will review Southern Arizona’s dispensaries, clinics and other medical-marijuana-related businesses for the Tucson Weekly and TucsonWeekly.com.

Prospective reviewers must have:

• A prescription for medical marijuana, for a legitimate medical condition.

• Some writing experience.

• No serious conflicts of interests. In other words, prospective reviewers should have no direct financial links to medical-marijuana businesses, and no close personal links to an individual or individuals running a medical-marijuana business.

• A driving record with no major convictions, including DUI. [source]

Even with this type of headline the Tucson weekly ad had only received seven responses to the ad and many of the papers critics were screaming from the tops of the neighboring roofs. That this paper was not only glorifying the new marijuana trade, by advertising for this legitimate position. But that it was also setting up to profit by the reviews that would be printed in their local paper.

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The Tucson weekly went on to explain that, the “offered position” would provide the medical marijuana community within its affected distribution area, with a valuable and important service. Their proposed business model is one that has been used by many legal online medical marijuana locater sites and was nothing out of the ordinary.

As Arizona struggles to get it’s germinating medical marijuana collective structure off the ground and running – this type of service goes a long way in helping to identify businesses that operate in a aboveboard, honest nature. Conversely these reviews help in identifying those that choose to operate in the shadows… just one step above a street dealer.

Despite receiving only just a handful of applicants for the counterculture position of marijuana review person; the Tucson weekly’s editor insisted that this was a valuable position which would provide a wonderful and useful service to the community. To that end we’d like to welcome J.M. Smith to the madding world of medical marijuana and the hypocritical politics — that rule it.

 Source: Marijuana.com

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  1. wow i so wish i could move- i really just cant afford to but if i could work at a place like this id be doing the extra effort type stuff so the shift after me had a nice day and all, id be so happy- peace -weed
    maps u are great people .

  2. I’m actually in the process of moving to AZ and im from Colorado. I have my medical marijuana red card and I will be getting my card for Arizona. Im very interested in this job if anybody has info if they can reply back to me.

  3. been smoke’n ’bout 50 yrs now. Smoked all kinds bud, hash. Can write constructive critizm or neg. Whatever is appro-
    preate. Will consider a move if need be. PAX Mr Michael

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