Honey – Plus – Cannabinoids = Nectar of The God’s



There were two favorite treats of the gods, nectar and ambrosia. According to one version of his myth, Tantalus was condemned to eternal punishment in the afterlife for stealing ambrosia from the gods. … Politicians be warned 


Throughout humankind raw natural honey has been known to be rich in antibacterial, antifungal as well as antiviral compounds. Sit back and envision this – What if you mixed nature’s natural antibacterial properties with that of the raw, active ingredients of marijuana, i.e. cannabinoids?

Much like with marijuana, the health benefits of honey — as is true with all foods — tends to depend on the quality of the product. Raw honey – for example – contains approximately 80-90% carbohydrates in the form of fructose and glucose, 18 different organic acids types, small quantities of proteins and amino acids. As well as minerals, enzymes and a host of vitamins such as B1, B12, C,D, and E. When these two natural titans of the health food world come together… they become the “Nectar of the God’s.” One does not need to be on the heavenly clouds of Olympus to enjoy this juice of the deities.

Now – for the first time the “Nectar of the God’s” has been handed down to us mortals within the medical marijuana community.

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Imagine the limitless possibilities of that this cannabis infused honey could unlock, turning a normal cook’s cuisine into a feast suitable for Zeus himself. On the realm of mortals, honey has been used in cooking from the dawn of existence when the gods looked inquisitively down from Olympus. Upon human progression, the gods have seen man use honey in a plethora of methods of cooking from baking and cooking to use as a spread and most commonly, an organic natural sweeter.

The most notable attribute of honey is it’s natural sweetness. It can be used in anything to add a little sweet kick to your dishes. In a more health conscious world, honey is easily interchangeable with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, the “Nectar of the Demons.”

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Last night I was privileged enough to be allowed to try some of this golden elixir prepared by sinfulmedibles.com (TM). The owners and forgers of this incredible, edible marijuana company were kind enough to stop by the corporate offices last night, so they could personally hand-deliver several jars of the newest addition to their lineup of tasty medicated treats.

Juno, wife of Zeus, would be honored to sit down with us at the office with such a bevy of treats at our banquet – ambrosia and nectar to appease god and man alike. Champagne falling from the skies. At the feast was Ambrosia Honey, Hypnos Honey and Fates Honey – all packed neatly in a 4oz jar. The owners of this company, that somehow bamboozled Zeus for these recipes, told me that the Fates Honey was not on the market yet and is the strongest elixir in their pantry. Ambrosia runs 1.9% THC while Hypnos stands strong at 5.8% THC. Fates has a whopping knockout of 10% THC.

  Ambrosia Honey Test Results |  Hypnos Honey  Test Results |  The Fates  Test Results

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Dubbed after the female personifications of destiny, this cannabis connoisseurs fate is to try this golden elixir that was originally crafted only for the gods of Mount Olympus. Could I hang with the “Titans of Olympus?”

As one that tends to medicate on a fairly regular basis… on some of the better meds that California has to offer. I consider myself to be a very lucky connoisseur of all things marijuana. Blessed (or earned) with a relatively elevated tolerance for THC and the other active ingredients in marijuana, it was without trepidation, and with great confidence… that after a day of smoking bong rips, a cup of tea would do nothing more than relax me.

My assumption was quickly shattered. I was soon proven very wrong. The honey itself tasted delicious – with a fusion of sweetness and comfort. It was incredibly tasty. As one that does not ordinarily care for marijuana edibles based on the fact that they have either been prepared in an oven that was too hot and the active ingredients of THC have been destroyed, or just the fact that the average marijuana edible tastes like you licking an ashtray. In either event neither of these two was true. This honey is hands-down some the most delicious medication I’ve ever tasted – not having an overwhelming cannabis after-taste.

I tend to have my assumptions of marijuana laced edibles due to the fickle nature of THC and cooking. When cannabis is used in cooking – when heated, it activates the THCa into THC which will increase the calming effects and potency of the edible. However, if the temperature is too high, it will burn off the newly formed THC. So cannabis edibles lose some of their THC and potency in the process of cooking, much like using wine in cooking.

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The marijuana infused honey is different. The cooking process used to meld this elixir does not compromise the potency of the honey due to the low levels of heat used in the kitchen. There’s a reason this nectar can only be found on Olympus. It’s a perfect symbiosis of heaven and earth. When using honey in cooking, the gourmand knows honey has multiple uses. When adding the Fate’s Honey into my hot tea to concoct the nectar; the heat from the tea will activate the THC, boosting potency without any THC loss — something unattainable with baked marijuana edibles.

Within 10 minutes of consuming half of my cup of raspberry tea, in which I’d put two teaspoons of Hypnos Honey – I quickly became a giggling mess, dreams atop Olympus battling the various gods. As I was listening to the owners of the company describe the subtle nuances in the manufacturing process of this golden elixir, I soon began to catch trails off of the hand gestures. Within 20 to 30 minutes the giggles subsided, my mind was clear and my relaxation began to take full effect. As someone that struggles regularly with insomnia, for the first time in many months I had a sound, restful sleep. Uninterrupted by the savage thoughts that race through the subconscious mind.

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Instead of dreams laced with fear over unpaid medical bills — the marijuana honey in my tea put me in a trance, a deep slumber – Dreaming of how peaceful the world would be if marijuana wasn’t so vilified. I lay in a dormant deep sleep, waiting… interested in the morning, and what after-effects the Fate Honey (10% THC) laced tea might have — Which destiny she will choose for me. Will she strike me down with a ‘weed-over’ or will she be merciful and leave me with a joyous morning?

As I awaken from my tranquil slumber, I thank the “3 ladies of destiny” as my morning has been graced with splendor and beauty, enjoying the holistic and healthy benefits of marijuana and honey; which can only be found in nature. As I frantically race to the kitchen to see what gourmet dish I can concoct with the THC-infused honey I recently received as a generous gift, my body is left with a soothing sensation — pleased with the non ‘weed-over’ effect and delightful calmness found with honey infused marijuana.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Shall I sprinkle some honey over a mixture of yogurt and granola – combine it with peanut butter and spread it on toast with banana slices – drizzle it in my cereal – mix it with some fruit- or use it as a sweetener in my tea or coffee? The choice today is pancakes with strawberry and blueberry toppings with Fates Honey (warmed-in-a-saucepan) drizzled atop with some whipped cream and a mint garnish. As I make a B-line to the flour for my pancakes, I see something from my journey to Olympus…It’s the bottom half of the raspberry tea I didn’t finish from yesterday.

As I sit enjoying my morning breakfast raspberry tea, I now know why this Honey is called the “Nectar of Gods.”

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 Source: Marijuana.com

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