L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl: A Fired Up Medical Marijuana Patient

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSUh0tsAWEA]Bill Rosendahl knows a thing or two about Pot… the LA City Council and their finances. Mr. Rosendahl is the current chair for the “Ad Hoc on Economic Recovery & Reinvestment” – a member of the “budget and finance committee,” —  “vice chair of the ad hoc stadium committee,” and “vice chair of the commerce and tourism board”… In addition – he also is one of the main medical marijuana supporters on the LA city Council.

As LA City Councilman Rosendahl no doubt flies high on the radar of city politicians who have openly expressed support for marijuana, and in his case, acknowledged having the needed recommendation to consume medical marijuana. His office has informed many media outlets of his open use of pot, to treat the pain he suffers from caused by neuropathy in his feet; a nerve disorder that can make his feet “burn with pain.”

In his most recent run for the LA city Council, Rosendahl had been the recipient of almost $16,000 in contributions from the medical marijuana community. This cultivated support and understanding for not only his medicinal need, but with his political views. It has helped him become one of the shining stars in L.A.’s current battle with medical marijuana collectives.

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Rosendahl, whose district covers Westchester to The Pacific Palisades, is the first LA city Council person to admit having a recommendation for medical marijuana. All of that being said – Mr. Rosendahl has never discussed how he gets his own medical marijuana? Does he grow it himself, if not, he might have to now… as his favorite MMJ dispensary may be the target of L.A.’s new ban as well.

MMJ Collectives are the same as any other business, said Rosendahl… they are just looking to have their business issues discussed and have their day before City Hall.

“They wanted to do something for me, and it’s been clear for 20 to 30 years where I stand on this issue. I think the war on drugs is destroying this great nation.”

The supporters of medical marijuana have taken to a new tactic in their show of political shrewdness earlier this year. Many of L.A.’s medical marijuana collectives are permitting their employees to establish ties to the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770, a 900 pound gorilla in city politics. As the UFCW relationship takes shape, other pro-pot groups are joining the likes of real estate investors, advertisement companies, as well as some other unusual bedfellows that organize fund-raising for specific candidates with odd but useful beliefs.

As the increasingly progressive political savvy of the medical marijuana groups continues to grow some worry that the number of medical marijuana collectives is now “out of control.”

Conversely Bill Rosendahl, L.A. City Councils only pot smoking, openly gay member, recounted that it was his first companion who needed medical marijuana to help with his AIDS and its related wasting syndrome. Noting that until his death in 1995, medical marijuana provided the comfort that no other drug could. Fearful of losing the much needed compassion that medical marijuana collectives bring to the very diverse community, Rosendahl wants to maintain many of the club locations.

Source: Marijuana.com

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