Marijuana Smoke and Pregnancy


Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord.
Revelation, 1. 7


…if the Lord is the alpha and the omega, then all of his God given gifts are here for mankind’s enjoyment.

Contrary to mainstream medicinal advice, marijuana and its smoke can be a relatively benign substance for certain pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness, mood swings and all the related pains.

With all of the substances that today’s female take into their bodies during pregnancy is marijuana smoke truly one of the bigger concerns for the unborn child. Is it truly fair to cast marijuana as the head demon of all of these substances? Mainstream medicine certainly seems to want to air on the side of caution regarding this topic. Many medical sources state that cannabis use may cause premature babies, while others have more dire warnings of behavioral and learning disabilities.

While that may be well and good for those that would like to cast aspersions based on ignorance, the facts to support this assumption are hard to find.

No signs of birth defects

A landmark study conducted in the 1990s by medical anthropologist Dr. Dreher, (co-author of the book Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science, and Sociology), gave the medical world a different insight into the use of marijuana by pregnant women in Jamaica. Dreher found that marijuana was being used in a cultural and medical context, as a way to relieve morning sickness or nausea, prevent depression and fatigue, and improve appetites. Her team observed both the mothers who used marijuana and their infants; they reported that there were no signs of birth defects or of behavioral problems in the marijuana-exposed children either during the month after birth or even several years after. [source]

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The Organization of Teratology Information Specialists or “Otis” as it’s more commonly known, which publishes their scientific findings regarding the potential birth defects brought on by the use of many different substances, everything from crack cocaine, to antiperspirant, to hair dye… Believe that the hype surrounding pregnant women and marijuana smoke to be more than dubious.

When one looks at the data provided by Otis, we see the rather straight forward warnings regarding the use of recreational hard drugs… “Speed will cause miscarriage, prematurity and neurological affects, such as tremors and too much or too little muscle tone which can last for several months.” Yet, when we see the reports on marijuana, Otis claims that “the frequency of birth defects was not higher than expected in the babies of 1246 women who reported occasionally smoking pot during pregnancy.” Found within many of the studies noting the behavioral problems in these children, such as impulsiveness and substandard academic performance, Otis says “the evidence is not conclusive and some studies report conflicting results.” (source)

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With a world that is saturated in psychotropic over-the-counter prescription pills — what effect do they have versus marijuana. According to a Time story “the risks and rewards of pills and pregnancy,” approximately 2/3 of American women take as many as five different over-the-counter prescription drugs throughout the course of an average pregnancy. As this new epidemic of pill popping, would be moms, begins to raise the red flags of the DEA and the FDA both bodies have recently issued warnings against Zoloft which has been proven to put infants at risk of higher persistent pulmonary hypertension.

Zoloft is not alone, there are many other prescription drugs currently on the market that have also produced tragic results regarding females, fetuses and pregnancy. As our recent history has shown, with prescription medications today’s fear may be tomorrow’s medical miracle. What the scientific community deems as concrete evidence one day, that a specific pill or medication is safe, only to realize the nightmarish outcomes many years down the road is all too common.

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As my final example of our misguided trust in the FDA and their willingness to mislead the American public one needs to look no further than the estrogen pill ‘DES’, which was commonly given to pregnant women from approximately 1938 to 1971, primarily as a preventative measure against miscarriage. Despite all of their best scientific evidence, not only did DES not end up helping in the prevention of miscarriage, it also caused prolific forms of a rare of variant cancer in girls as young as eight years old, in addition to infertility, auto immune disorders and for many man genitalia issues.

The DEA’s political nonsense is  not purely an American art form of disinformation. However in our short history in the pharmacological world we have raised the bar of disinformation far beyond anything sense the time of Caesar or Genghis Khan


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  1. I just have to say that smoking while your pregnant might not be bad for the baby but the plant material being combusted is not good for you. why not vaporize when you are pregnant instead, or edibles and tinctures?

  2. Edibles will cross the barrier and enter the babie as food would. do you no wat it would feel like to be tiny not fully developed in any way inside someone in the dark stoned of you’re tits that’s totally something worth talking about why the fuck would you risk it we are talking about a unborn child .
    I mean if u were in a cafe and some hippy said do u mind not smoking u wud prolly keep smoking but hey you would at least have a chance to hear that persons point of view now tell me that you would say no to you’re own child if he/she said I don’t like that smoke mummy

  3. AnonymousHerbMan on

    Well, my future wife will definitely being smoking/vaping/eating edibles with me while shes pregnant instead of this other shit. And when she asks if its bad I will tell her the facts. This is a good study, and yet another reason marijuana should be for medical purposes. Then tons of women can get a medical marijuana cards for their pregnancies and instead of using these other pills they can use marijuana. Then the study of marijuana can come more into play, more mothers vote pro marijuana, and marijuana can become a thing for everybody, medical or recreational over the age. Some day, it will happen….

  4. As a father of 3 girls, who’s mothers smoked and ate marijuana throughout all 3 prregnancies, I laugh. I laugh because I don’t believe for 1 second that it has any adverse affect on my childrens growth, development, or behavior. my older 2 daughters are 9 and 6 years old, and extremely intelligent. not only are they artistic, and fast learners, but they also are at the top of their class. Granted they are in public schools, lol but they are the better public schools in our metro area.

  5. smallpoxs_214 on

    I believe it is worth more study , these days there are far more women using cannabis , so a study wouldn’t be hard to put together . Anything during pregenacy should be used in moderation . to much of anything can be bad .

  6. A scientific study in Jamaica? Come on now! No one can be that gullible that this is real, or helpful I mean comeon the poverty rate and filth in jamaica is overwhelming, enough. Besides this was done in 1990…

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