Marijuana Smoker Mysteriously Slain in Cop Car While Handcuffed


Questions arise as this story involving marijuana, cops and a dead marijuana patient comes into light. This resembles a scene out of a Quentin Tarantino flick or a CSI: Los Angeles episode – but alas no. It is a police crime scene out of the streets of Jonesboro, Arkansas; a state having strict marijuana laws viewing marijuana smokers as criminal deviants compared to angelic booze drinkers. A Mississippi man was arrested for marijuana possession by authorities and was later mysteriously shot and killed as he lay handcuffed in the police car.

Innocent souls lost to the domestic drug war this year (2012): 37 people lost and 37 grieving families.

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According to police, Chavis Carter was pulled over with a friend and upon inspection of the vehicle, illegal marijuana paraphernalia was found. Officer Keith Baggett found hydroponic grown pot on Carter including some plastic baggies. The suspect was later learned to have a warrant and was detained and placed in a police cruiser. While sitting in the cop car and handcuffed, police claimed they heard a loud ‘THUD’ then followed by a metallic ‘CLANK,’ with another unidentified car driving off. Thinking nothing of it, authorities continued the investigation. Upon wrapping up, several more ‘THUMPS’ were heard and to their “surprise,” the handcuffed and defenseless marijuana arrestee was found deceased, shot in a pool of his own blood.

Officer Marsh signaled to other officers that Carter ‘shot himself.’ They found Carter in a “sitting position slumped forward with his head in his lap.” Carter, who friends say enjoyed his Indica marijuana strains, was still handcuffed from behind his back and also…..a hand-gun was found next to him. A handgun that showed up after police searched him. Where did this gun come from?

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Sgt. Lyle Waterworth claims, “Any given officer has missed something on a search, be it drugs, knife, razor blades, this instance it happened to be a gun.” If law enforcement was thorough, perhaps they could have found the gun. Or was the ole’ ‘lazy cop obligatory excuse’ just another alibi – One that is quite authentic and believable – to cover up something bigger. Could this have been avoided if marijuana reform was a concern?

All officers involved in the marijuana related incident are on administrative leave awaiting investigation. The officers are insinuating that the man who smokes weed everyday shot himself with a gun they “accidentally” couldn’t find. Teresa Carter, his mom, says that is B.S. “He wasn’t suicidal and the cops shot him.” His mom said he was a simple kid that enjoyed smoking pot.

One big question that perplexes his mother and also physics… Police told Teresa that her marijuana friendly son was shot in the right temple. Seems legit, but Chavis was left-handed. With investigations still underway, one can’t jump to any conclusions. Just seems as though this tragic event that has affected so many people could have been avoided if marijuana was legalized.


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  1. lonelyjimmyg on

    I’m going to keep track of this because the officers involved DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED ACCORDING TO THE LAW FOR THEIR CRIMES. Yes, I said crimes; as in more than 1. Premeditated Murder for starts, and then maybe….oh lets says Obstruction of Justice, followed by Tampering w/a Crime Scene…..Catch my drift here peeps??? What I really want to know is just how does somebody shoot themself in the temple WITH THEIR HANDS HANDCUFFED BEHIND THEIR BACK?????? I am a veteran AND I CANNOT STAND CORRUPT PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING AND NOT EXECUTING PEOPLE…..aaah, to live back in the mid-1800’s when you could take care of this in a gunfight……corrupt police?? Challenge ’em, shoot ’em dead, and then elect people who will actually uphold the law instead of pervert it for their own selfish reasons……

    Peace & Pot Everywhere Jimm

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