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Marijuana’s Roots And The Earliest Stoners


…The History of Cannabis – Transcends  the History of the Written Word


Some say it was first used 5000 years ago by the ancient Sumerians. Some say the ancient Chinese were the first users, as they were said to consume the cannabis seeds for medical purposes as far back as 8000 BC. One thing is for sure, though: the first stoners definitely weren’t the flower children of the 1960s.

It is pretty generally accepted that Central Asia was the birthplace of the cannabis plant, and is also generally accepted that cannabis was first grown for its fiber properties to use in pottery and weaving. However, the first civilization to use cannabis as a mind-altering, vision-inducing, body-healing, clarity-revealing mind stimulant…well, that’s a little harder to pinpoint.

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The Chinese

The case for ancient China can be made through their usage of cannabis in trance ceremonies dating back to the sixth century BC, as they mixed it in with incense during many of their rituals and experimented with it greatly. But then, Chinese Taoists learned of the drug and began to associate it with yin, which in Taoism is the label given to everything that is the opposite of good. Therefore, given that the ancient Chinese was the first nation to stigmatize marijuana (laying the groundwork for twentieth-century party poopers like Ronald Reagen and your high school principal), they can hardly be classified as the earliest stoners.

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The Aryans

In the second millennium BC, Aryans invaded the area that is now known as India and set up a civilization there. Their legend held that the god Siva was alone and burning in the hot badlands when he suddenly found and was comforted by the shade of a marijuana plant, eventually choosing to take some of its leaves back home with him to share with his people. Therefore, the Aryans get points for having marijuana be given mystical connotations, as well as for referring to their cannabis as “Bhang” (yes, “Bhang”) and becoming one of the first societies to turn marijuana into a recreationally-used drug. However, they must be penalized for their belief about non-stoners being cursed to the worst torments of hell for all eternity; weed’s awesome, but you don’t need to burn forever if you’re not down with it. Robbie Marley would not have approved.

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The Sumerians

They originally wrote about the plant in the middle of the second millennium BC, referencing its use in relation to their need for greater introspection. They believed that their usage of the plant allowed them to hear voices from other dimensions and insights from other realms. They used in while in times of great stress to find focus and enlightenment, and access their way of inner thinking. And I found all of this out from a book with the title of The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, whose pages I will soon be using to roll joints with. Therefore, it’s clear who the winners, and original stoners, were: the ancient Sumerians. Raise a toast to them during your next smoke sesh, and then go back to hitting your Joint.

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  1. ExternalBleeding on

    I’ve actually read in a book that the discovery of marijuana was credited to even more ancient civilisations. The book went on to explain that women were the ones that would gather things like berries and seeds. Apparently while foraging for the seeds from the mature marijuana buds, they would get their hands covered in sticky resin; when they’d eat the seeds, they would also ingest chunks of this resin and get high. It’s actually an interesting read, but does anyone have any insight on this?

    • ExternalBleeding on

      Hashish! By Robert Connell Clarke. Really interesting read, especially for a Hash connoisseur, or anyone who was buying hash from the 60′s – late 80′s. This book is about Hash, real hash.

  2. Annemarie Simpson on

    It all makes perfect sense to me, its so so logical i find it hard to believe why others just can not take this in!!! Maybe they should smoke some then they would have a different view of things

  3. ExternalBleeding on

    Hashish! By Robert Connell Clarke. Really interesting read, especially for a Hash connoisseur, or anyone who was buying hash from the 60’s – late 80’s. This book is about Hash, real hash.

  4. Very interesting. I remember 6Th grade when some kid looked up the fabric they use most off. It came up marijuana. Then he started to get into deep descusion on its use’s and our SOC.ST Teacher (Big protester on pot) Started yelling at him and gave him a F for the rest of the semester -__-.

  5. is there any more information on where the sumerians got there ganja from ’cause i know they said there gods (the Annunaki) came down from the sky to enslave them and even tempered with there DNA.. so would love to know if they had a story about where cannabis comes from.

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  7. Sebastian Giorgi on

    let me guess, you read sitchin? nibiru is a city that you can even visit today(at least its ruins, and if you dont mind the dangerous zone…) what the claytablets really say is “enki told the goddes to make a mold of clay and put it in the oven” and it also says mankind were created to asist in the order of the universe, we were never slaves in todays standards, it was more like working in mc donalds… you have to do lots of different jobs to make the whole place work, and so do all the other workers… the gods never stopped working for the order of the universe if we believe the same sources of sitchin… they just got tired and created us to asist…

    my guess is, the creation of ganja probably was from enki(god of wisdom and magic) or some goddess…

    peace bro, dont hate the anunaki, they created weed, opium and beer…

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