Obama Visits Colorado State University — Hears From 100 Wise Marijuana Supporters


As our hypocrite-in-chief gets ready to swing through the ‘mile high’ state of Colorado on an ill-conceived campaign stop to the very hallowed ground of the 4/20 movement of Colorado State University, the marijuana advocacy group “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” has just fired off a letter to the local press that was signed by over 100 college professors, showing their support for common sense marijuana laws.

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Amendment 64 has been proposed to the Colorado voters, as a means by which the state could regulate marijuana for recreational use, similar to the way alcohol is handled. Once past amendment 64 would then provide a new revenue source for the state of Colorado, as well as providing laws and regulations for the proper distribution of this medicinal plant.

Whether he wants to see it or not… President Barack Obama will get more than a glimpse of this letter, signed by these courageous professors. Traversing many different fields of education from criminal justice, health, law and economics… and coming from several colleges around the nation. Including a few old colleagues from the University of Chicago Law School – where Pres. Barack Obama was once a law professor.  (see full list of backers)

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As noted by his onetime colleague, Thomas Ginsburg “The time has come to take a more rational approach to marijuana policy,” and that… “by criminalizing marijuana, we are wasting scarce law enforcement resources, foregoing needed revenue, and channeling people toward the far more dangerous drug that kills tens of thousands each year – alcohol.” Source

Add to that logic Dr. Stephen Mumme, a CSU political science professor who specializes in comparative government with an emphasis on U.S.-Mexican relations. Said in a statement, “Contrary to its purpose, marijuana prohibition has helped create the conditions in which cartels grow. It distorts development in Mexico, weakens local government, wreaks violence and insecurity along the border, and undercuts hard-won efforts to strengthen bi-national cooperation between our two countries. It’s time we try another approach.”

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Amendment 64 has enjoyed its second bump in support in the last two weeks. Last Thursday the NAACP officially made its position known by showing support for Colorado’s cannabis legalization ballot initiative. The NAACP’s support of marijuana legalization was primarily based on the unusually high number of African-Americans being ticketed, jailed or otherwise harassed over this plant.

African-Americans made up roughly 4% of the population in Colorado in 2010, but they accounted for about 9% of marijuana possession arrests and 22% of arrests for marijuana sales and indoor cultivation. The numbers in Denver are particularly staggering. According to a report prepared by the Denver Police Department for the the city’s Marijuana Policy Review Panel, African-Americans accounted for more than 31.5% percent of arrests for private adult marijuana possession, despite making up less than 11% of the city’s population. Source

So far this year, the great states of Oregon, Colorado, and Washington have all managed to put pot legalization initiatives on the ballot for this November. Showing great solidarity, the Oregon NAACP group has already endorsed that states pro-pot measure.

As is shown in the below video… most marijuana laws are used – and twisted into some pretty ugly profiling situations.

Source: Marijuana.com

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