Washington State Mom's For Marijuana Legalization


Forget About Snoop Dogg and Bob Marley… the new face of marijuana is mom

So you thought you understood what the face of marijuana legalization looks like? Well… I hate to break it to you folks, but a new day and age has come. And with the changing demographics of today’s adult population… marijuana is gaining of a much deserved political foothold among today’s mothers.

As Washington state gears up for the November elections, in which marijuana legalization will share the spotlight.  “New Approach Washington” — a group which supports marijuana legalization  would like to see enforceable regulations outlined for marijuana dispensaries to follow.

While the new spokesperson for marijuana is quick to distance herself from any type of consumption, “I don’t like it personally” the mom was clear to state, “regardless it’s time for an elevated conversation about marijuana legalization.”

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The 30 Second marijuana advertisement then goes on to speak of marijuana regulation for the distribution of its patients, to include background inspections for anyone that would like to get involved in the marijuana collective trade. At the same time these regulations would also set up penalties for those that try to distribute those under 18, and a structure by which medical marijuana could be taxed as a means of funding health care and education.

“New approach Washington” has raised well over $1 million and has earmarked those funds for a grassroots ad campaign in order to facilitate the passing of initiative 502 in the state of Washington. Initiative 502 – would provide structure for the marijuana collectives to be licensed regulated and permissible for those state residents who are over the age of 21. Washington’s new marijuana initiative would also remove all criminal penalties as well as civil for any marijuana production distribution or cultivation that is done within the parameters of their new guidelines.

The funny thing is… As you watch this 32nd marijuana advertisement spot. The glaring omission of any mention of initiative 502 is striking. Apparently a conscious decision made by the group that produced this 32nd spot as a means of approaching voters who have yet to decide how they feel about this topic. Source: Marijuana.com

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  1. what a dumb cop on this video. why legalize a substance that impairs? um alcohol kills how many a year and affects cognitive how much more than pot?

  2. I am a mother of 3 beautiful little girls and I also medicate. I do not like to be open about it because of my job and i feel like society isn’t ready to accept it yet. We’re moving in the right direction though.

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