Contest: Win A "Click-N-Hit" … By Showing Some Wit


As the stress mounts with both the presidential election – and the holidays just around the corner, the wonderful people at Click-N-Hit, contacted us here at and asked what they could do to help relieve the stress of some of our overburdened readers?

They wanted to help make this ordinarily boring day a little more interesting… and packed with something a little more valuable than bills.

It is within that spirit that Click-N-Hit has offered up one of their units to the member whose wit proves worthy. The contest is simple…read the material and watch the videos. Then write your wittiest explanation as to why you would make the best winner for this sweet portable vaporizing device.

 [youtube]Click-N-Hit is an awesome new handheld, portable vaporizer that utilizes a multi-stage design. This cordless and easy to carry vaporizer, is perfect for the on-the-go 420 lifestyle. The Click-N-Hit is easy to use while you’re out and about and during any type of outdoors activities. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a hike in the local hills, this portable handheld vaporizer comes complete with a built-in, wind-proof, butane-refillable torch lighter. This easy to use windproof design is perfect for those patients that need to medicate while they’re out about… enjoying an active lifestyle.

[youtube]The Click-N-Hit “Vaporizer” works on refined butane gas and is fired up and ready to hit within just a few seconds…with just a simple click of the button! The Click-N-Hit “Vaporizer” works on refined butane gas and is fired up and ready to hit within just a few seconds…with just a simple click of the button!


Click-N-Hit designed components:

Very easy to use: One handed Click-N-Hit action
Incredibly lightweight and portable: Weight: 2.5 oz
Compact in size: Height: 5″(13cm) and Width: 0.7″(1.8cm)
Inconspicuous: perfect for shared rooms and small spaces
Efficient: 5 to 8 draws from your packed chamber

Weather Proof: Wind proof butane torch lighter for all weather use whether you are relaxing out in the backyard with the family, or just enjoying a lazy summer day strolling the local beaches; this sweet little Click-N-Hit should be in every mmj patients tool belt of tricks.

Contest Rules:

We want – Insightful, thought provoking and astute prose as to how medicating with the Click-N-Hit might help you navigate the hostile world-at-large, and where you might make use of it.
1.) In order to Win you must register with

2.) No crudeness

3.) No hate

4.) All comments must be made on

5.) 3 posts per users

6.) The bottom line here is -We pick the best comment, send you an email to confirm your righteous win, then we send it. – Simple!


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  1. More than one reason why I think I should have this awesome device. First reason is I’ve wanted a vaporizer for the longest time just haven’t had the extra money to buy one a plus is this one is portable. Second reason I broke my bowl last week… So getting this would replace my favorite piece and it would get used a lot because I only have one other smoking apparatus right now. Three is in the area of northern Maine not a lot of people up here like marijuana and even if your medicating yourself people automatically label you as bad. This will make it so people won’t smell it as bad since majority of the time when smoking a vaporizer you don’t smell as bad when smoking a joint or bowl. Oh and I also think I might be the first post.

  2. With the Click-N-Hit as my new recreational item, I will be able to experience a different and better way to medicate myself. I will use the click-n-hit responsibly and in smoke only places making sure not to ruin the reputation of device. I hope to hear from you very soon and thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this device.

  3. I think I should win the Click-N-Hit because I have actually smoked marijuana for many years now, but I have never personally owned my own piece. It is something I have always wanted though, my own piece. And now that I live on my own, I am determined to get the coolest thing I possibly can or my first one. I think this is the coolest thing I’ve seen and I really want it to be mine.

  4. I would love to have a Click-N-Hit, my lungs hurt so bad because of pipe usage. I have heard that vaporizes are much better for your lungs. Since I live in chronic pain and have cancer, marijuana is the only comfort I get out of all the medications they want me to be taking. Looks like everyone could use a Click-N-Hit 😀

    Thank you for your possible consideration..

  5. Click n hit, show me your shit. We gotta keep it simple when we wanna take a hit. I want to be free to up the THC without all the peopIe looking down at me. Preserving up the lungs keeps us all young, so come on over, Click n Hit, lets have some simple fun!

  6. I would like a Click-NHit so that when I go to vote I will be able to take a Click-N-hit with me so that I can click on the proper ballot.This device will aid me as I am recovering fron eye sugery from diabetic retinopathy smoking relaxes my eyes so I can see better which will enable to click-N-hit the right ballot thingy, not working in over three years I could use a new smoking vaping device to take my meds in a most politically correct way.

  7. Charles Kwiatkowski on

    I have Multiple Sclerosis for the past 17 years and doing ok thanks to Medical Marijuana. Recently my doctors told me that my throat was shrinking due to using a glass one hitter from the heat of it. I’ve always wanted to purchase a vaporizer but could never afford to spend hundreds of dollars on it. Several friends of mine have a similar electronic min vape like this one and I would love to own one. My reasons can go on forever because that is how many problems medical marijuana allows me to live a somewhat normal lifestyle with. I hope to win, I really want to live longer for my 3 daughters sake. I feel that if I continue using a cheap glass one hitter that it will shorten my life by cooking my throat closed. Thank you,

    Chuck Kwiatkowski

  8. Also I would like to add that the Monterey Pop Festival is coming up and a Click-N-Hit would be great to use during the show and it would be great place to show other hippies and yuppies this device as well. I love this idea of stealth indulgeness in public forums I think everyone should have a Click-N-Hit even the guy in the whitehouse should get one to use to relive the stress of the job after all if the prez realizes how sweet it is to Vap and how weed could save millions of dollars by really making it federally legal and the money it would make can also save this country, I say drop Click-N-Hits full of herb and not bombs on the mad people of this world can make it a much better place to be. High people are happy people and medicated people are pain free and happier people I cast my vote after clicking and hitting the herb. I think all Americans should own a Click-N-hit! so get out there and vote so this will become a reality people, Peace man peace out at the Pop festival.

  9. I am 58 years old, and have been a chronic weed smoker since the 8th grade. I walk about 5 – 8 miles a day and medicating can be a real problem. Im not shy about letting people know that I use marijuana, but when I do medicate, I dont want to offend non smokers. Click-N-Hit offers a discreet, odor-free way to effectively medicate in a very attractive package. As a stoner, I consider it my responsibility to be considerate of those who might be put off by the smoke smell of wonderful flowers that I love so much. This is the sort of product that is worth every penny spent.

  10. I would use this on my excercise walks. I am a medical marijuana patient in California. I have limited income so I have never owned a vaporizer. This piece would help save my lungs. I could use this piece b/c my lungs hurt. I have been smoking Mj over twelve years so it’s time for a vaporizer would be a nice upgrade. I am a serios stoner chick so this piece would never be put to waste. I promise I will use it everyday. Click n hit would help this Black widow, chemdog, and Purple Kush I have be gaped which is the right way.

  11. Hello I Would Like To Win The Click And Hit for Various Reasons.. But Benfit Wise.. I COuld BAssically Use it anywhere. Its Small Discrete… Ive Tried PLenty of MEthods Of medicating but never have once tried a Vaporizer type. I Usally Medicate With Papers or edibles because i suffer from a major depression Ever Since My Grandmother HAs PAssed Away… I Am Diagnosed With Depression too obviously by a doctor but they say that Marijuana is a harm to your life… But Marijuana Has a Real Huge Beneifit And The Fact That YOu MAde a Device That YOu Can Easily SNeekAToke Is fantastic!. I get Depressed at the most randomest times… So MAbye at the times i do get depressed. if im in a location where theres plenty of people.. i wouldnt be as embarresd to take a hit because i dont have to use a lighter and a pipe…. #THANK YOU

  12. Weedmaps say Win a Click and Hit by Showing some Wit.. Dont know much about this item.. But, Assume it is the SHIT.. Discrete Medication is how we Roll..Until we have a leader.. who actually has a Soul.. I really hope I win this.. Cause I rarely Do.. I PROMISE if I win.. I will Medicate with YOU!!!

  13. I just recently quit smoking cigarettes 5 months ago using the vapage electric cigarette. I can breath a lot better and my health is a lot better Id like to have nothin but false to smoke out of. it would be better for me. if I why get one of these soon ins have to quit smoking and I just can’t afford one at the moment…everyone wish me luck cause I need it

  14. I want a One Click for it’s great design and easy use. Your vaporizer is a much more healthy way to receive my medication.
    Being a unemployed disabled veteran I can’t afford to buy a One Click, If I were to win a One Click, I’d show all my friends the benefits of using a vaporizer. It’s discreet and great design makes medicating much safer and fun.

  15. Lets see I’m a good candidates for the CLICK N HIT because I ride a motor cycle and my fellow riders have a CLICK N HIT they still work riding 90mph with the wind in your face. Amazing. Great product wish I could afford my own I’m riding a bike cause gas cost so much and winning a CLICK N HIT would be the greatest. THANKS for all you do!!! Sarah

  16. I wanna win because I “medicate” myself all the time and I like to be outdoors, like hiking and stuff. Heck, I can use that Click-N-Hit anywhere I go. And plus my birthday is coming up. The Click-N-Hit and me belong together. I’m like a Click-N-Hit chick. Oh snap, that just rhymed. Vote for me.

  17. Man, this little thing is grate, i love camping and when your out side like that it’s hard to smoke in the wind and the click-n-hit is easy 2 carry you just put it in your pocket and go no mess losing anything out of the bowl, and easy to light what more do you need ???

  18. Greetings! Ive been suffering a really gruesome strong gastritis for almost five years now. Esopahgitis, gastritis & colitis. My whole digestive system burnt. Ive been sober for almost 4 years now. No ciggz no weed no beer nothing. I have also been on a real strict diet for years now. Ive always wondered if medicating vaporizing wise may not burn my gastritis. Maybe like that I will have a break cuz Ive gone through alot gastritis pain. Please help me. I woul really appreciate ur gift. Thank you!!


  20. As a hardcore gamer I often find myself in many places … Fighting many foes … flying many ships … and kicking much ass, but its difficult when I have to come to STOP each time I self medicate… you know for my back pain.. haha .. that I need to use two hands one to light one to hold … But with your unique device it will eliminate the need for the two handed hit, and as Iam running through a hoard of bad guys I can easily take a sec too make sure Iam up to the task of saving the world one last time, and all with just one hand. EXCELLENT!! …… Oh ,,, Yeah … I promise to take it outside too , and show all my jealous friends…. 😀 …

  21. The relief of stress is just one click away! With One handed Click-N-Hit action ,I will be able to use my new amazing click-n-hit,whether sunny ,rain , or snow.The cordless and easy to carry vaporizer, is perfect for my active lifestyle. Whether I’m at home or at the beach, my new click-n-hit will be at my convenient disposal.

  22. Christian Alarcon on

    I would benefit from this so much from this if I could win. My lungs would be really good shape and i would be able to medicate on the road with out and worries and very discretely

  23. This device would help me be a little more discrete when Iam out and about I have a form of spinabifita accolta and two differant kinds of arthritis thats detirateting my boints and some times it a problem trying to carry several differant containers with you.It looks like it would be small enough to put in a pocket and hold just enough to help me get out and back home and discrete enough that no one would know I live in a state that is trying to pass its to be legal or to drop the weight you can get busted for I just figure what they dont know wont hurt them .The Dr.had me on Opits but was getting hooked on them I decided togo a differant route but its not Leagle here so there you go.

  24. I am the best candidate because I know how to medicate in the open spaces like Parks and concerts. I would love to take this vaporizer to a reggae concert or even out on my nature walks. I am the best candidate so pick me. I am fully medicated right now and believe you should pick me. So do it and I will send pics f me using it.

  25. A click-n-hit. For me would be perfect. Vaporizing is one of the heallthiest ways to medicate and also so descrete. Not everyone belives in what we do so its best to be descrete about it. That’s is a very smart idea for a vaporizer and its not something I have personally ever seen. Being an experianced medicator and not haveing a vaporizer seems wrong. So to show my witt here is a mini rap you can use if I win yo.

    The click-n-hit is all you need
    To get a better taste of your weed
    Its small and descrete
    So we can go anywhere you wanna meet

    This is insperation on the go
    So take it When your down and low
    Take a quick rip and let it sit
    Before you decide to spit the lyrics

  26. Well all I can say is I have never tried a vaporizer and have all ways wanted to try one, but have never gotten the chance so it would be awesome if I won this great prize!

  27. Duckbillplatyuss on

    get me lit in one hit while i feel no shame as thc navigates my picture out of the frame and everything isn’t the same
    because the love of my sweet mary jane has came thanks to the click in hit i got nothing but pure gold to spit

  28. Hi this click n hit would be perfect for me. I recently found out I have cancer and I’m only 24 years old. I use medical marijuana to take away the pain. I would like to win this vape so when I start to feel this pain I can just go somewhere take a couple puffs to feel better where ever I’m at. if I won, it would mean a lot to me..
    thank you for this opportunity to try and win something so awesome. 🙂

  29. this tool sounds legit-id be ready to buy it now online if i could! definitely interested. the best part is its less obvious if you were to use it in public and stay discrete! id love to have this click N Hit!!!!!!

  30. The reason I should win the Click N Hit is because I would use it all the time. I am still medicating even now late at night. I have been entering every contest since joining this site. To pass me would not be right. Please pick me before I turn out light. Yes right now I’m high as a kite.

  31. Hi this click n hit would be perfect for me. I recently found out I have cancer and I’m only 24 years old. I use medical marijuana to take away the pain. I would like to win this vape so when I start to feel this pain I can just go somewhere take a couple puffs to feel better where ever I’m at. if I won, it would mean a lot to me.. thank you for this opportunity to try and win something so awesome..
    Sorry I posted the same thing twice but the first time I wasn’t logged in

  32. Cancer patient needs this. help me live a healthy life pls. if I why win thanks for least letting me join your site. I use an electric cigarette called vapage. it worked awesome I quit smoking 5 months ago. I feel the improvement. I breath better. more energy also. therefore if I win this contest I’m sure the click n hit will improve my health.I’m to young to pass over.24 years old.I why wanna quit smoking. I love Maryjane she’s the only girl for if u can find it in your hearts to donate the click n hit to me I would really appreciate it 🙂

    • I think you deserve this man. your trying to better yourself and not abuse the herb.unlike everyone else who just wants to get do it for medical reasons and not for the neck of it. I hope you win man.

      give it to the person who really needs it not someone who just wants to look cool
      I hope you win good luck chubbles420

  33. I back onto a school and park and walk my kids to school and back and with that many parents and such around, the quick hit would be perfect.

  34. I love blazing while tending my pants, but I hate blowing smoke in their direction or having smoke in the grow at all. I’d love to vaporize and blow out much cleaner air. It make me happy and my buds happier

  35. Thanks to everyone for participating in our Click-N-Hit contest. The winner has been chosen and will be announced @ 4:20pm on’s Facebook fan page. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next Monday.

  36. Click and hit it’s the best
    Give it to me forget the rest
    Puff puff here puff puff there
    I can even click and hit in my underwear

  37. I believe I should be awarded this vaporizer because il be pretty sad if I don’t. I mean that’s not the only reason but, you know why make me sad. I can never seem to find a vaporizer, maybe because I know I cant get it although it would be nice. I just buy weed with my money than later on I’m like ahhhhh I want a vap or bong but I already bought this ounce with my financials. Maybe you and your associates could hall me out in this dilemma.

  38. We really love all your answers and responses. It is great to see such a great community in action. Unfortunately not everyone can win a Free Click-N-Hit as much as I would love to give them away since I believe they are a great tool that everyone should have at least one. I would like to thank everyone by offering this 20% off promocode (puffpuffpass) towards your next purchase.

    Keep on CLicking!


  39. ItsJustMedicinal on

    I would CLICK N HIT at : Disneyland, knotts, Six Flags , Universal Studios Hollywood, anywhere i take my kids i would CLICK N HIT all day everyday and be happier than a fat kid in a candy store.

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