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Infographic: August Top 25 Medical Marijuana Strains Sold


With August 2012 decisively in the rear-view mirror, we can now reflect on the medical marijuana sales numbers and transactions that occurred nationwide with complete clarity.

The chronic calculation for the list is broken down by the grams of medical marijuana sold throughout the month of August, within all of the medical marijuana states, including the District of Columbia. Don’t ask me how she does it, but Blue Dream is at the top of the harvest once again. With $378,574 sold of this sticky, resin encrusted Bud; there were a total of 39,253 g sold at $10 a gram.

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In at second place, and only costing $8 a gram… Sour Diesel sold a respectable 38,172 grams, totaling $299,273 in sales. As we exit summer and around the corner to December 22 (Armageddon) we see that Blue Dream and Sour Diesel have been locked in a battle to the death…fighting for supremacy for the last several months that we’ve been posting the top 25 medical marijuana infographic sales list.

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When one closely examines the genetic variations of both the Indica and Sativa hybrids that are most sought after throughout the collectives in the United States, there seems to be an east-west divide on the preferred genetics. The West Coast seems to prefer its straight Chronic Kush’s, with their earthy skunk based overtones. While the East Coast tends to prefer the more colorful (think Grape Ape) strains of medical marijuana.

As the holidays come around the corner, with Halloween almost a month away… I’m anxious to see is if the Sativa dominant hybrids can keep moving up list… But until then here are the August top 25 medical marijuana strains.

infographic: top 25 medical marijuana strains sold  August 2012

infographic: top 25 medical marijuana strains sold August 2012


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  1. This is a bunch of BS. I believe that blue dream could be number one but plain and simple there is no way to judge or calculate this nationwide and by printing this you just insult our intelligence. In my neighboring cities I know almost 20 dispensaries that sell ten times more og than anything else; this is a general trend for all of southern california. My local dispensaries sell around 3-5lbs a week of og. Multiply that by 20 and you’ll get almost 40,000 grams in a month just in Central OC alone. I guarantee there are at least 500,000 grams of og sold in oc/la counties per month. At least use reason if you plan to print such a bs report. You want it to be somewhat believable.

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