Lady Gaga Fires Up A Fat Joint At Amsterdam Concert


As Amsterdam’s weed pass comes closer to being a reality visiting popstar Lady Gaga fired up a fat joint and her most recent concert, informing the crowd that she had cut down on her booze consumption preferring to smoke the wonderful strains of marijuana that are now readily available to her.

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While she has made no secret of her fondness for smoking pot at her most recent concert during the first part of this week, Lady Gaga went to great lengths to explain exactly why she preferred smoking weed over drinking alcohol. Most notably marijuana has all allowed her to approach her music from a more divine viewpoint.

“I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I’ve really cut down on drinking. It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music. It’s like saying everybody needs to take a breath and it’s going to be OK,” exclaimed and excited Gagga.

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One of the major advantages of being a pot smoking entertainer and going to Amsterdam to perform is that everyone in the crowd has already visited the local coffee shops, and has fat sacks of tasty buds. As Lady Gaga launched her “Little Monsters” into ‘Born This Way’ she was showered with pre-rolled joints of some of Amsterdam’s dankest chronic marijuana. Lady Gaga not being one to disappoint her fans, bent down, picked one up a joint that had been tossed onstage… As she fired up and smoked the joint onstage, she was joined by several members of her entourage and fellow performers.

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Marijuana for the most part, at least until 2013…is still legal. In this ancient and peaceful Dutch city, Lady Gaga took the time out of her day, to preach to the choir – explaining to her fans how marijuana helps her cope with her fast-paced life, in addition to all of the medical benefits that the plants cannabinoids provide.

In her typical jovial way… The ‘Born This Way’ singer explained to the Dutch crowd that when she returned to the United States, she would be taking up the topic of marijuana legalization with America’s president Barack Obama, as a means of doing her part to try and bring common sense laws to her home country.

It is common knowledge, and Gaga makes no bones about it. When she was much younger, Lady Gaga had a known propensity for experimentation with several forms of harder drugs. However, as she went on to explain to the Dutch crowd – since discovering the magical bliss that one can attain from smoking a simple joint of good pot, she has yet to touch hard drugs sense.


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    • Amen!!! Own n operate a Mmj collective in WA. WE NEED HELP!! Kicking in our doors and destroying property (equipment, product etc) and leaving without charging anyone!! Gestapo.

  1. She rocks, And is helping the cause, just by her possibly breaking the views of narrow minded people, who believe marijuana users are lazy & dumb !!

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  3. @momicag: I’m sorry, but Lady Gaga is not going to convince anyone who believes that cannabis users are dumb and lazy otherwise…

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