Los Angeles Pot Club Ban "On Hold"


…Offences against Charity are about the only ones which men on their death-beds can be made – not to understand – but to feel – as crime.
Edgar Allan Poe


Well ladies and gentlemen, today was supposed to be the beginning of a new era for the city of Los Angeles California. Free from medical marijuana dispensaries, and the drug addled crime that surrounds them. Don’t worry about the liquor stores, the prostitutes and the street-corner drug dealers. Because your neighborhood’s downfall has all been the fault of medical marijuana. Not the unemployment issues, lack of opportunity or world wide recession.

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Not so fast – after the Los Angeles city Council made the attempt at ridding the city of any and all medical marijuana collectives this past summer, medical marijuana patients and their advocates managed to bring that ban to a screeching halt and inspired other collective owners to move forward with lawsuits against the city of LA.

Since 2006 LA has been known throughout the country as a hotspot, the birthplace for medical marijuana, and the wonderful collectives that keep their shelves stocked with some of the finest marijuana in the country. As most Californians are well aware, patients which have gone through the process of attaining a medical marijuana recommendation from their doctor, can visit any one of these “pot shops” which offer  a wide spectrum of marijuana genetics and edibles for their patients pleasure.

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As thousands of these, not so discreet marijuana collectives cultivated deep roots throughout the city; it was not hard to pick out these collectives with their distinctive “green cross” hidden within the strip malls throughout the city.

Frustrated, disgusted and outmaneuvered by the marijuana advocates, the city officials threw up their hands in utter dismay. Then after a mind numbing series of never ending meetings – community gatherings – illegal police raids – and countless expensive lawsuits; the city Council had grown tired of the cat and mouse game, and passed in a 14 to 0 vote the ban that would do away with medical marijuana in the city of Los Angeles… Or at least so they thought.

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Once the proposed ramifications of the outright ban against medical marijuana shops in LA has been fully digested and understood – Collective owners, dispensary workers, medical marijuana activists and union representatives who helped organize some of these collectives into a cohesive group started the long and arduous campaign of collecting approximately 50,000 patients signatures calling for the repeal of this moronic ban against a medicine, albeit alternative to most.

American for safe access spokesperson Don Duncan stated that they believed they had no choice but to take action and stand up for these patients. According to Mr. Duncan, and from what I’ve seen as well; the city of LA has had ambiguous regulations that have always been unclear, and hard to understand. After suffering for years at the hands of the LA police Dept. and their wanton disregard for the sanctity of prop 215 and SB 420 collectives, the community had had enough.

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Once the city of Los Angeles’s has gone to the painstaking process of verifying each of these 50,000 individuals which had been collected by the pro-pot activists; residents in the city of Los Angeles will be allowed to vote in March on this extremely important referendum.

In the meantime, it’s time to celebrate… As the city of Los Angeles and their medical marijuana ban has officially been put into a “timeout.”

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  2. “Resist the devil and he will flee.” The quote is from JESUS CHRIST. The proof is in the spirit of the people who signed the petition to right a terrible wrong. Props to all the brothers and sisters of cannabis in Los Angeles, California.

  3. For those of us with ADHD. cannabis in a very real sense becomes a ‘dopamine replacement therapy’ as it alleviates what is called “Reward Deficiency Syndrome” or RDS. We know that without cannabis, many of us are likely to find other substances to self-medicate with.
    I don’t blame my Mom and my Dad, they just did not know how to pass on the skill to me, of using my dopamine, and knowing the difference between pathways natural to humans, and because of whatever was going on in the household that was causing me to have frequent nightmares, I believe I actually formed an aversion to the natural use of my dopamine.

    Am I alone in this? Without experience creating dopamine pathways through relationships, a vacuum is left, so we develop other pathways. Sometimes, often even, much worse ones than a cannabis habit.

    Now, I’ve cut back, way back, to once or twice a week, and am focusing on developing my dopamine pathways, and getting rid of the negative ones…I’m sure you understand, I want to vape when I want to vape, not because I have to, especially since finding out a year ago about my ADHD condition, and what it means, and how I can, and plan, to get better.

    The facts remain, as clear as we are, or can be, about what drives us to self-medicate, 83% of our population are not at risk of developing a substance abuse problem, and they see us as aliens, or lazy – and while it is true we act like aliens sometimes, there is a brain chemistry issue (and it’s protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act), and self-medication is after all still medicating for that very real condition. The “Straights” just don’t get it, what it’s like walking around in a world devoid of dopamine, but if they could experience it, they would be horrified, it is so different from their experience of life. What is also true is that we did not cause this condition, and we are not being told about it on television, and in fact many don’t want you to even consider the narratives I have just presented – they want you to watch television, and vote the way they want you to vote, that way they get to control the narratives. The Evening News (or noise) constantly seeks to change behaviors in society for the better, and to them, sticking us in jail seems like the right thing, even though it’s costing our families and communities in buying power (I have not been to jail, I have been lucky).

    Another fact is that ADHD is primarily developmental, not hitting our growth targets, for either being exposed to inappropriate emotions which we were not developmentally capable of dealing with at a very young age (like my Dad’s raging), or we just were not among adults who understood that emotionally bonding is the most important skill they can pass on to a child, and so because they didn’t have enough experience with it themselves, they were not able to pass it on to us. So, when someone wants to punish us for breaking a law, what they’re really saying is that they give up and don’t want to help us. What we need to show them is that punishment only makes us worse, and prison actually stops any development of dopamine pathways, effectively stopping the rehab process, unless they get into religion, which is like the poor-man’s dopamine pathway Lego set (sorry, I’m losing my religion, and it’s being replaced with Science, like the science of “Remote Viewing” and out-of-body experiences – which both prove Earth has free Wi-Fi). And, what is also true, is that we CAN get better, even if it’s just incrementally.

    ADHD is locked in place before the age of two – and all the noise about it being environmental, is just a cultural opinion and bias based on a faulty model of Personal Responsibility and an overwhelming need on the part of the one percenters to push their agenda of Punitive Justice on us. Because, if all that i am saying is true, we’re going to have to change our Criminal Justice system quite a bit before it actually accomplishes what society’s real needs are, for us to get better, so we can read books, and get better jobs, and learn to remain emotionally calm and emotionally available with our children, to break the cycle of it running in our families.

    Think of this then, that corporate America has caused the rise in ADHD, by refusing the increase the standard of living for all in America, and for creating a situation where parents must spend too little time with their children, for basically stressing us out. And they want to blame us, when they are really to blame. They rely on us to vote according to advertising dollars, knowing we are a captive audience, and rarely can do personal research on the candidates, so they know they can control the vote, relying solely on the ADHD population, and yet in all other matters they seek to vilify us to normal people, and everyone seeks to be drinking the kool-aid, believing cannabis is bad. ADHD is bad, cannabis is just along for the ride, or at least it does not cause our brain-chemistry to be “Reward Avoidant.”

    Inform yourselves, and help me update the narratives to be more inclusive of facts and reality. Then, help the city counsel update their knowledge, because they don’t seem to understand.

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