Obama Panders To Stoner Youth Vote


 During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

…George Orwell 

Swing a miss… After the last three plus years of Pres. Obama’s attack on the medical marijuana industry throughout the United States, the hypocrite in chief decided that it would be interesting to throw little humor into the DNC convention, enter Kal Penn and John Cho, of “Harold and Kumar” fame.

The video goes a little something like this. President Barack Obama, in a stern tone and with a presidential appearance picks up the phone and dials…

Obama:  “Hey this is Barack… I need to know if you’re on board.”  …silence from the other end.

Obama:  “Okay good… Because I’m counting on you…” … counting on whom, for what?

Obama:  “We have to get this right… So there’s a lot at stake here.” … no kidding, where you been?

Obama: “Just remember I’m trusting you on this… And I’ll see you there.” No, you won’t.

Cut To scene: Harold and Kumar sitting on a couch surrounded by every stoners dream of fast food nirvana. Complete with the sounds of cartoons in the background. Emphasizing the subtext of this ad – that the young college Stoner needs to get up off the couch, and show their support for Barack Obama for president, this coming November.

The problem with his ill-timed – and unfunny video is that as president Obama panders for the young Stoner vote, the last 3+ years of federal raids is fresh in every ‘pot heads’ mind. Does he think that stoners have no memory? Have we forgotten the promises that he made to us, only to be broken? This video does nothing but insult the average medical marijuana patient who voted for this man, believing that he understood the damage done by demonizing this plant.

President Obama has a real problem on his hands. When he first ran for president of the United States, he’d reached out to the medical marijuana community specifically, and pot smokers in general. President Obama stated that he would not use federal resources to crack down on states with medical marijuana laws – which governed their collectives and provided regulations and oversight for the distribution of marijuana.

Guess what — Obama broke that promise. Now as he finds himself running the race of his life …neck to neck with Mitt Romney. Now … when he needs the mmj vote, he has discovered that his medical marijuana base has been peeled off by Gary Johnson, the independent candidate who has vowed to legalize marijuana.

Why would Pres. Obama use the Harold and Kumar characters in this type of  add? Votes of course (several million strong.) As Obama panders to the Stoner vote, while ignoring any question regarding medical marijuana that has been posed to him in a public format … whether it’s the AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, or his YouTube question and answer session a few years back. Then at the same time continuing to crush the civil liberties of medical marijuana patients in states that have voted for, and approved the marijuana as medication.

As many looked for clarification from Obama’s Press Secretary Ben LaBolt as to just who the targeted demographics were for this YouTube clip? Mr. LaBolt stated that they are trying to cultivate a strong youth vote turnout in their alliance to Kal Penn, who at one point was a White House staffer. When asked how Pres. Obama justified his hypocritical actions regarding medical marijuana Mr. LaBolt declined a direct answer… Shocking!

Source: Marijuana.com

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-g76lse9Rs]

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  1. tempestmichael on

    Well now.

    How about the fact that the MMJ growers are coming out against the November legalization votes.

    I’ll always support the patients,
    but there is some shady business going on here and I have no doubts that they are the exact same group that is using legalization as a wedge issue.

    Obama is allowing 8 states to vote on legalization in November.

    Legalization is going to happen on the state level no matter what
    and no president is going to legalize on the federal level or even come out in support of it because it would be political suicide.

    Now, seeing who’s the president makes little to no difference on this issue,
    are you going to throw everyone else who’s rights do actually count on this election under the bus out of spite?

    LGBT rights especially depend on this election because the republicans will reverse gay marriage as soon as they get the opportunity.

    I’m not about to throw other civil rights groups under the bus because neither party will support legalization.
    We have those 8 votes for legalization to count on anyways and I’m willing to bet that if the republicans get in they will stop it in it’s tracks.

    It’s also worth noting
    that it’s MMJ growers, some libertarians and other related groups who are trying to stop these legalization votes right now
    so if you support legalization
    you’re going to want to be very careful about who your believe.

    A lot of MMJ growers make some serious profits and don’t want to lose out on them when prohibition gets struck down.

    There’s even one of them who is pressing a lawsuit about this.

    to reiterate my point…
    if you want legalization..
    vote for it in November
    and don’t let anyone convince you not to.
    There’s going to be more propaganda about this than anything else we’ve ever seen
    so be very careful about what you believe no matter how convincing it may seem.

    They managed to stop prop 19 with this kind of propaganda
    so let’s not let it happen again.

  2. tempestmichael on

    *about who YOU believe

    You should also be wary about anyone who tries to convince you not to vote with the unprecedented level of voter suppression these days.
    They probably work for the republican party themselves.

  3. Obama’s add is degrading, disrespectful, and insulting….
    And @ TempestMichael Obama is not ” allowing” the states to vote they work at it and it is there right to do so… also, there are presidential canidates who will repeal the prohibition of cannabis. Although that would not be Mitt Romney nor Obama. Rather Gary Johnson or Ron Paul and I am uncertain about Jill Stein. Furthermore, who is the president is DOES matter on the issue! For even if it is legalized On a state level. THEY STILL CAN BE SUBJECT TO FEDERAL PROSECUTION! AS LONG AS FEDERAL PROHIBITION OF CANNABIS CONTINUES, IT WILL STILL BE ILLEGAL REGARDLESS OF STATE LAW….

    • the problrm is to think that anyone of those candidates wpuld be elected is unrealistic. so tge only two people your vite would make a fifference fir is romney or obama. i would much rather vote obama considerinf romney would like to stop mmj completely and would stop legalization in iys track

      • Voting for the lesser evil doesn’t make you free. Voting for what you don’t want, doesn’t get you what you want. Obama has already proven himself, he allowed the DEA to attack medical marijuana dispensaries (which he said he would not). He also allowed DEA raids, Including many wrong door raids which terrorized innocent families, and killed the family pets, they made children sit by the corpse their dog, all well they and their parents were at gunpoint. All over a plant… terrorism is the only word I see fit….

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