Raising Arizona… Medical Marijuana "Rent–A-Grow-Tent” Cultivation Facility


 Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?

— Bill Hicks, Comedian

From the outside of this unassuming Arizona warehouse district building, one could easily be deceived by its inconspicuous businesslike façade. However if you are an Arizona medical marijuana patient, who is looking to learn how to grow some of the more potent strains of MMJ, than compassion first is your new favorite spot.

As Gerald Gaines stood before his press conference, he explained to the surrounding business owners, potential clients and the local press. Exactly what his business model entailed, and who could participate in it. In addition, Mr. Gaines provided a guided tour for all who potentially cared to learn what was going on behind his closed doors, and that they had nothing to fear from his facility: designed solely as a communal marijuana garden.

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Mr. Gaines is incredibly proud of his brand-new facility, which is the first of its kind in the nation to operate within these parameters. Within the 5000 ft. facility, the indoor cultivation area has been subdivided into six different cultivation areas. Within the entire facility, there are 45 grow tents which have been built, equipped and are ready to be rented out. In order to participate though, you will need your Arizona medical marijuana recommendation and state caregivers’ license.

The Arizona caregivers will then be allowed to rent these fully equipped grow tents, to cultivate medical marijuana for their Arizona patients. Should they be successful in growing some resin encrusted, trichomes rich, flowers… they would then be able to sell their harvest to the patients for whom they are caregivers. If this sounds like an interesting business proposition to you, you might want to hang on until you hear the hoops that you must jump through, in order to get your Arizona marijuana caregivers license.

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Currently the state of Arizona does a complete background check, including criminal history, and fingerprints; as such it’s not uncommon for the states background check to take in excess of two weeks. Because the state was inundated with applications for medical marijuana recommendations, they initially sent them out with only a tertiary oversight. Since the medical marijuana program was passed back in 2010 Arizona has sense had plenty of time to organize a functioning system.

Once the medical pot is grown, the potential patients receiving this medicine must also have gone through the state and have proven their need for medical marijuana.

This first of its kind cultivation center, offers more than just a legal way for Arizona’s medical marijuana patients to buy pot. It is a safe and healthy environment for both the medical pot to be grown, and the marijuana cultivator alike.

Source: Marijuana.com 

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