Sativex … Big Pharmaceutical Company Excited About Your $250 Weekly Habit


Sativex is the world’s first multi-molecular marijuana medicine and is the creation of GW pharmaceuticals… a biotech firm founded in England by two entrepreneurs. Up until the creation of Sativex, most modern medicines were constructed into single molecule medicines. This conventional technique would not work for medical cannabis, as it is the full spectrum of cannabinoids working in conjunction with one another, which provide the medicinal benefits that MM J patients seek out.

Whether by design… or as a marketing gimmick, Sativex has a total of 420 molecules based from just two primary ingredients THC and CBD. As an oral spray Sativex is primarily made up of marijuana’s natural cannabinoids and absolutely nothing else. Prepared as a fixed dose of 2.7 mg of THC in conjunction with 2.5 mg of CBD cannabinoids… the question remains, at $3 per hit (in the form of an oral spray) will the public will find these $125 spray bottles too expensive to tolerate.

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As the United States battles back and forth between the moral issues of medical marijuana… the very profitable rights to distribute sativex in North America was just purchased by the Bayer Corporation of Germany. One of the interesting little side notes to the Bayer corporations legacy, as a German company, was that during World War II they were once a minor division of IG Farben… a major benefactor of Hitler’s bad deeds and bloodlust.

As most of Europe has pushed Sativex through as an approved alternative to the marijuana plant-based cannabinoids; we now see the likes of the United States FDA doing its best to accelerate the approval process for this synthesized pharmaceutical replacement for the natural plant and its elements.

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Strange that the U.S. federal government, who has been so opposed to medical marijuana in its long and tainted past, noting that “marijuana has no medicinal use” when defining pot as a “schedule 1” substance. As most understand, a “schedule one” substance, by definition has no medicinal use.

Why the change of mind from the federal government? Is it because of their patent on cannabinoids? Or is there a bigger game afoot… to stuff the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies, while at the same time crushing personal liberties and shutting down all medical marijuana collectives across the United States.

While medical marijuana collectives have been a constant thorn in the side of the federal government. This newest opportunity to bring down big pot collectives and coerce all of the state’s legal medicinal marijuana smokers to transfer over to this oral spray… should happen just as soon as the FDA provides final approval. Should the sick and perverse plan of undermining a natural plant with a synthesized replacement be successful… It will reshape the very fabric of the marijuana community’s reality.

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Provided that Sativex is granted final FDA approval, marijuana cultivation would yet again be forced into the shadows of illegality. Prohibited everywhere…by all.

As the big pharmaceutical companies drool at the thought of the billions of dollars currently eluding their grasp. Primarily due to the “home” medical marijuana cultivator – the flower of the plant will no longer be considered medicinal. Rather – only the pill or spray form of synthesized cannabinoids will qualify as medical.

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  1. I don’t agree with you that this would be a set-back. Rather, I believe Governments inevitable rescheduling of cannabis will make it easier for collectives to operate.

  2. Astronomical drug costs are nothing new. My only concern is that the FDA may approve Sativex for use in the United States. Its chemical makeup consists of THC and CBD, both of which fall under the Schedule I classification. If Sativex is approved for use, but Marijuana is not reclassified as a Schedule IV drug, I believe we will finally see supporters come out of the woodwork and truly fight for change.

  3. List of side effects and does the Poison control have their number posting on the script as they do for MARINOL when people OVERDOSE? Just wondering~ Cause I know my MARINOL can cause me to have a seizure, while Medical Cannabis has never cause anything close to this kind of reaction!

  4. It is a set back only in that some ppl may just have no other choice but to accept pharma’s “legal” drug, (What are the side effects?) Nature is best by God’s design and since the God created me, that which my God created is good for me rather than that which big pharma for the love of money created. I choose God over government sanctioned anything.

    • Ok, I see what you’re saying. But that would only be in states without medical marijuana laws in place. In that case, I’m OK with Sativex being offered to patients. At least Cannabis will now be an option!

  5. How good are sativex on Body pain? I am think also about fibromyalgi which are hard to treat for example. I know sativex are only to people with MS here in Sweden.Have someone experience about it?

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