Top 5 Half Baked Truths … Debunking Canna-BS


 The five most over hyped half-truths about marijuana…

The Cultivation of Cannabis-Hemp Will Save Our World:
while it’s absolutely true that hemp is an amazingly versatile plant, with a multitude of uses. Including fuel, textiles, food and medicinal properties. It will take considerably more than that in order to help save our fossil fuel loving world. As I sit and pound on my keyboard. There are currently 31 countries across the globe which encourages the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes.  So is America’s hemp prohibition all but doomed our little blue sphere to a sweltering demise? I think not. While Americans are high on the list of overactive consumers, we are not alone.  Wake me up when there are hemp-based cheeseburgers, MacBooks, and Louis Vuitton shoes.

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2.)    Marijuana Cures Cancer: While there is daily progress, and are scientific studies showing how the active cannabinoids in marijuana help to kill certain cancer cells in scientific settings, one must remember to keep in mind that cancer is incredibly complex disease with many abstract variables. So the blanket statement that “cannabis cures cancer” is more than a bit misleading. While It absolutely helps in mitigating many of the unwanted side effects from chemotherapy, and THC is known to kill certain cancer cells. It is by no means a “cure for cancer.” The most basic analogy I can think of to demonstrate my point would be: “bread mold cures infection” – not true. While everyone knows that penicillin was made from bread mold. And bread mold lead to the discovery of penicillin, and penicillin led to a wide spectrum of life-saving antibiotics. But bread mold does not cure infection.

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3.)    Marijuana Legalization will save law enforcement money: When was the last time you ever heard of a federal bureaucracy returning unspent funds? Never…which is exactly my point. As marijuana legalization advocates try to put a number on the dollars saved, should marijuana arrests and prosecutions be taken out of the calculation, for the ‘total cost’ of the war on drugs. The elephant in the room — is the fact that bureaucracies die hard, and instead of returning those funds they would be reallocated to some other criminal venture which needed federal attention.

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4.)    Pot is Benign: While there is little doubt that smoking a joint does far less damage than drinking, taking over-the-counter pills, smoking cigarettes, eating fast food, consuming large amounts of sugar, or many of the other daily activities that are common in American life. Regardless of what it is you’re smoking, the operative word is still “smoking.” The last time I checked, there wasn’t much that you could smoke… that your lungs would deem, completely harmless. In the same way that a person can overdose from consuming too much water. While very uncommon, there are some people, who when they consume weed over an extended duration, are prone to experience a recurring vomiting condition. In the same way that some people have adverse reactions to peanut butter, dairy product, and other food items. Weed… just isn’t for everybody. There are some folks for whom marijuana consumption can do great harm, primarily those suffering with specific mental illnesses.

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5.)    Unbelievable Presidential Quotes On Marijuana: Most within the marijuana community would like to think of our early presidents as libertarians; bent on the freedom of expression — including the consumption of some early 18th century chronic. Unfortunately when one does a little fact checking it’s relatively easy to see that Thomas Jefferson was not ‘kicking back’ on the back porch, with his maid girlfriend, smoking a bowl. Neither was Abraham Lincoln known to stuff his corncob pipe with any early American weed, while proclaiming “prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance.”  We’re not saying that the sentiment of any of these statements is incorrect, they’re not. What we are saying… Is that there is a difference between perception, and reality.

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  1. THC doesn’t kill cancer cells – it’s the other cannabinoids. That’s just one thing you’re wrong about here…. there’s a lot more but I don’t have the time to play Editor… This article is actually a load crap.

    • I’ve been hearing such terrible things about and weedmaps…up until reading this story I was thinking everyone was just hating on them or something, but after closer inspection, I see these toolbags have a terrible reputation because they are a marketing arm for the marijuana prohibition movement which is of course fueled primarily by government propaganda tripe just like the tripe spewed by the author of this article…Way to alienate 99% of your audience by proving you have no concern with verifying the accuracy of what is posted…even if its pro-cannabis, there should be a damn fact checker…what is happening to journalism nowadays??? So disappointing.

  2. What specific “vomiting condition” is exacerbated by smoking weed? And do persons who suffer from this condition have the same reaction to vaporizing, eating, or juicing cannabis? Please advise with as much info as you have on this condition. Thank you.

  3. @EB –

    A laboratory study of delta-9-THC in hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) cells showed that it damaged or killed the cancer cells. The same study of delta-9-THC in mouse models of liver cancer showed that it had antitumor effects. Delta-9-THC has been shown to cause these effects by acting on molecules that may also be found in non-small cell lung cancer cells and breast cancer cells.


    ^^ I think this may have been what he was referring to.

    While I know it’s frustrating to see anyone, saying anything negative about such a wonderful plant. I believe that the intention of the his story was to point out, that while the cannabis plant is a miracle drug that can help humanity live in a more peaceful coexistence with each other.

    It is not a panacea that will save the planet. We are humans, we are responsible for cleaning up our own mess, through acting responsibly,and by using cannabis and hemp appropriately.

    In order for people to believe what our movement has to say, we must speak the truth.

  4. @Mari Well – it’s my shift, so I guess I’ll answer this one also.

    Marijuana Use Associated With Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in Young Males

    ScienceDaily (Jan. 17, 2012) — Researchers have found clear associations between marijuana use in young males and cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), where patients experience episodes of vomiting separated by symptom free intervals.

  5. I love to smoke cannabis and I’m a big supporter of legalization. The movement that’s started gaining ground in the last decade really bothers me however. I’m tired of seeing the ‘hippie’ archetype cling to their oppression and celebrate it. It’s the same plight of the African American and the homosexual. Did you ever see the movie Glory? The interaction between Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman is amazing. The oppressed person is so shaken by their oppression that they cling to it, celebrate it, create a subculture and then wage a war against anyone who threatens it or is put off by the fact that this person and their culture is completely foreign and unrelatable. An example of someone who did the right thing is Dr Martin Luther King Jr. He rejected the notion of inequality and rose above. Instead of creating a subculture and waging a war he joined the mainstream culture and declared that our difference should not longer separate us but that we should be unified and have tolerance for one another. Colorado is doing a great job of this. Legitimizing and informing the public in a professional manner is the only thing that is going to help us win this battle of oppression. The article does a great job of cutting out the bullshit and getting real about the facts. Kudos!

  6. You are a complete load of crap. Your false “facts” made me laugh. it ignorant under educated idiots like you that make legalization harder for people like me who fight for it. go spend your time feeding other people bull shit and leave the weed community alone!!

  7. Can someone EDIT these before they’re posted? Although I agree with a lot of things OP has said, it makes him/her look like a jackass trying to prove any points.

    Also, the reason why smoking cannabis is very little harmful is that absence of radioactive properties. Who said you had to smoke it anyways? I’m sure less people will smoke it if they can get their hands on edibles easier. I know I would.

  8. I read studies showing THC Killing Cancer.. also CBD… what people do not understand is you need the natural plant and its array of cannabinoids, terpenoids etc to treat sand cure…
    Also…this article was tha worst trash i read all day…Shame on you !!
    Never visiting this site again…. f@#k you!!

  9. i would like the people dissing this article to please argue the author’s facts withcounterfacts proving thier point. all im basically understanding from people right now is “bad article” . please show me why its a bad article and youll be more believable if you have a legitamate website you can cite so i (and everyone else you are trying to convince) can it can be compared with this article and people can determine for themselves what to believe. till then, all i see is commentors just trying to make an arguement. #Legalize

  10. These are not ‘Half Baked’ truths…there are studies that have confirmed the CBD’s, in combination with the THC, found in cannabis has and DOES reduce cancerous growth, prevents the cells from metasisizing into larger tumours, and actually protects the tissue around the growth from further ‘infection’.
    Cannabis CAN ‘save’ the world. With the technology available, we can replace the Textile industry (which currently uses Petroleum products) with Natural Fiber and better quality materials. From pressed wood for construction, to the makeup used to flatter women, cannabis can and does provide many of the needed replacements for a cleaner society and a ‘greener’ world.
    There are too many half baked and incorrect reasons in the article. As with anything you read, even this opinion, find other material on this topic, and form YOUR OWN OPINION, based on Facts. Not hearsay, not ‘oh, maybe…’ not ‘hey, its good but it aint great’ lines of the established media (yes even sights like this).

  11. Seriously, you people are pissed that an article doesn’t claim weed is magic, yet instead encourages you to look for empirical evidence to support your claims. ~OH NO! they must be working for the pharmaceutical companies which is why they have a map of all the dispensaries. This site is actually for cops, you can get a special cop account where you can log in and get a list of dispensaries to raid, check them off as you go and win badges to post to facebook, they love it.~ I’ll tell you right now that attitude is what makes people think stoners are so dumb.

  12. am i one of the only people who doesnt have some glaringly huge issue with this article? It’s basically doing what we need people to do, which is taking n unbiased and truthful look at marijuana instead of either praising or bastardizing it.
    While there are some things mentioned in there that I’m not sure of myself and will be doing some follow-up on, I can’t possibly disagree with the assertion that smoking causes damage, and that weed definitely isnt an outright cure for cancer.

    One thing I will say however is that macbooks could be made from hemp. Hemp seed oil can be used to make plastics.

    • The woody hurds remaining after the fiber has been removed contain more than seventy-seven per cent cellulose. That’s where you get your plastic from, not hemp seed oil. Article proves right, do your research.

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  14. I know I’m a year late, but I do recognize the authors attempt at bringing down the pro-weed arguments down to a rational level. Nothing is a panacea to global /humanity’s issues, and mj shouldn’t be hailed (yet) as a miracle-maker until human clinical trials can be conducted, documented, and proven. The author’s errors in facts and consistent avoidance of using commas and starting new sentences was more annoying to me than anything else and he lost all credibility with me at that point. Perhaps that’s the perfect analogy for this movement: partly correct, partly flat out wrong, and altogether a little bit misguided and lacking polish.

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