Top Five List: Most Committed Stoner Athletes Ever


I’m sure by now a lot of you have seen the photo of Michael Phelps hitting the bong at that infamous party… (which in my opinion, was the ultimate demonstration of poor etiquette by a “friend”).

In any event – Inspired by that shot …and this being Friday, I thought it would be a good time to do a quick rundown on the top Stoner athletes of all time.

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#5  – Bill Walton the big redhead himself, NBA Hall of Famer and three-time college player of the year with the UCLA Bruins, in nearly 70’s. All of that said, his most impressive stat was that Bill Walton was a notorious deadhead and had been to nearly 650 Grateful Dead concerts. I’m not sure that I’m going out on a limb here… but I’m thinking – that no band EVER – has been interesting enough to be worthy of seeing 650 times. Unless of course, you use “something” to… enhance the experience. While we’re not here to “out” Bill Walton as a prolific pot smoker, attending that many Grateful Dead concerts and being exposed to that much secondhand smoke alone, would put you in the top five category of marijuana aficionados. Somewhere the lineup between Tommy Chong and Hunter S Thompson.

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#4 – Former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis – Back in June of 1970s, Dock thought he had the day off from pitching. Dock being a fun loving man thought to himself, you know what I’m going to do, take some Acid with my girlfriend. Well, later that day Dock found out he was pitching. So he goes out on to the pitcher’s mound, stares into the swirling vortex of the catcher’s mitt and throws a no-hitter. High as a kite on L.S.D. — Quite a task, considering I can’t type when I’ve had too much coffee.

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#3 – Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins – Now in 2004, after testing positive for weed for the second time, and facing $650,000 in fines. Ricky retired from the NFL so could smoke dope, do yoga and study holistic healing at a place called… I kid you not “Grass Valley.” It’s too bad that NFL Europe never made it off the ground, had Amsterdam ever fielded a team, I’m sure Ricky would’ve been on board.

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# 2 – Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson – former Dallas Cowboys great, now a recovering drug addict. Henderson often played high. In fact during the Super Bowl XII in 1979, he put an inhaler inside his uniform filled with liquefied cocaine… Now that’s commitment to your lifestyle. Hollywood only played five seasons in the NFL, but don’t worry. In 2000 he won the Texas lotto jackpot for $28 million. It pays off to be lucky.

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# 1 – Bill “spaceman” Lee – spaceman was known for his stony wandering pitch, the kind with a long slow arcing dissent, in no hurry to reach the catcher’s mitt.  He was notorious for experimenting with pot, hashish, mescaline, peyote, LSD…or pretty much whatever other hallucinogens he could get his hands on during his playing career. Known for using drugs as a means of balancing his “ying and yang” Bill continues to pitch to this day, maybe he’s onto something.

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While there continues to be a fresh crop of Stoner athletes graduated every year from our Ivy League colleges, who go on to cultivate incredible legacies of monstrous consumption practices, all while performing physically at the highest level possible. These top five athletes were known for going above and beyond the call of just being stoned. These guys were into serious altered states of mind, and on a Friday after a long work week that something I can relate to.


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