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Do you love photography, weed and traveling? Then get ready for Weedventures with Gil. At the corporate office for WeedMaps, there’s long been a standing question/joke as to who has the best job in the entire company?

It’s really never been much of a question though. While I might be allowed to sample a couple of chronic strains of some OG from time to time or perhaps allowed to sit down and do a face-to-face interview with someone from the Kottonmouth Kings. Gil gets to travel the world, visiting all of the best weed-vacation destinations, while smoking on the best pot, this shiny little blue globe has to offer.

In the past 12 months alone, Gil has made several smoke-filled journeys into the heart of the marijuana community, from Denver to Amsterdam — Oakland to Seattle. Gil has been out and about testing, tasting and reporting on everything from outdoor marijuana cultivation sites, to some of the more sophisticated indoor hydroponic grow operations one might see.

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Whether out and about touring some of the world’s best grows, or hanging out at one of the many pro marijuana event’s – Gil often has a chance to sit down and interview many of the local personalities within the medical marijuana community. Gaining insight and insider’s knowledge as to the local issues from the city, state and federal levels.

At the recent Seattle Hemp Fest, Gil cruised around the ‘largest marijuana’ gathering in the world interviewing old friends and making new ones with ease. Hanging-out, smoking fat joints is just part of Gil’s job; from a knowledge standpoint – he has to stay informed, and stay informed he does. In addition to all of conversation on marijuana legalization and the different bills that are being proposed for Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

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With many new hybrid strains of marijuana being produced, all with potential health benefits, Gil is out there putting his body on the line… Testing these meds and reporting back, sort of like a human guinea pig. So if you’re a fan of the 420 lifestyle, yet find yourself confined to a more office bound existence. I would strongly suggest making Nugporn one of your regular stops, as a means of living vicariously through Gils globe-hopping journeys, through the best marijuana collectives and grows our mmj world has to offer.

Source: Marijuana.com

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