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Our friends at Oaksterdam University want everyone to know that they’re still open for business – and featured in the new documentary, California, 90420, directed by the producer of the hit comedy Waiting starring Ryan Reynolds and Justin Long.

The contest is simple,… “LIKE” California, 90420 on Facebook, then write your wittiest explanation in the below comments section as to why we should chose you to go to Cannabis College. Feel free to include a YouTube video link if you want to go the extra mile. Winner receives a $300 Gift Certificate to Oaksterdam University and California, 90420 DVD and Hemp Movie Poster.  Contest ends 10/15/12.  (See below for official contest rules and prize details.)

[youtube] California, 90420 was in over 50 theaters last 4-20, making it the widest theatrical release in history for a “Pot Doc”! Its not just another documentary about weed,… its the real life, unfiltered story of four, twenty-somethings living in California’s semi-legalized marijuana culture.

Enter, Win and Learn

Enter, Win and Learn

Save $4.20 on the new California, 90420 DVD harvesting now at!  Hemp Movie Poster and “90420 Live Fireside Session,” featuring mystical roots artist, HUMAN, are also available for only $4.20.

 Contest Rules:

We want – Insightful, thought provoking comments (and YouTube video links) as to why you should win and what you plan on doing with your cannabis college training.

1.)    “LIKE” California, 90420 on Facebook

2.)    Register with

 3.)   Post comments (and video link if applicable) on

 4.)   3 posts per users

5.)    No crudeness or hate

6.)   Winner receives a $300 Gift Certificate to Oaksterdam University and California, 90420 DVD and Hemp Movie Poster.  Prizes are transferable, not redeemable for cash value.  Contest ends 10/15/12.

7.) The bottom line is,… we pick the best comment/video and send you an email to confirm your win.  Winning comment/video will be reposted on, and on Oaksterdam University and California, 90420 Facebook pages.


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  1. Well — Are you tired of paying for over priced and under flushed med’s? Then learning how to grow your own prop 215 / SB 420 crop is the place to start… and if you are going to take the time to learn something. It should be from the BEST. Which is what Oaksterdam is the best cannabis cultivation school in the U.S.

    Don’t miss out, take the time… and tell them what you think about Oaksterdam. Pretty simple request to win a chance to learn from the best.

    • Juan David Mojica on

      A student is only as good as his teacher. This is a phrase i live my life by. I would greatly appreciate the chance at getting some hands on experience to learn from the creme de la creme. I have been brought up, taught that marijuana is an illicit drug, that persons who take, smoke,or ingest marijuana are lethargic, unmotivated,lazy good for nothing people tantamount to crack smokers, controlled substance abusers, and/or pedophiles. I like to be educated about choices i make in my life now, I have a very intelligent 3 year old son who knows that “DADDYS MEDICINE” , smells really good. He doesnt know that if daddy doesnt take his good smelling medicine daddy has to take some little pills that basically will disrupt his life. Daddy will also need pills to combat the addiction to the pills to kill pain in daddys body. I will also have to explain this to the baby or babies in mommy’s body. I am showing my son that not all things that are made for people, are good for people. That he does not need to take a pill, one to make you small one to make you tall, to deal with emotional pain or even physical pain. To make an educated guess and not assumptions. So in summary, i think i should get that $300.00 scholarship to Oaksterdam University so that i can continue my questions about trichomes and terpenes in a classroom environment where i could have my questions answered intelligently, and get some experience in making extracts derivatives and tinctures.We aren’t a rich family, and i get my meds delivered to my home but, its getting costly especially with the baby or babies. My wife has been supportive of my choice in medication and not being able to work at times and i know she would be eccstatic , if i got a chance to attend Oaksterdam and not pay for it out of pocket.Thank you very much for your time.God Bless you.

  2. I’ve wanted to go to Oakstetdamn ever since I knew that something like this was going to open. I smoke weed everyday seedless to say and want to learn everything I can about it. I know a fairly great deal and would like to expand my knowledge of marijuana. I consider myself an advocate for weed, I always tell people that are on the fence all the pros and how well it works for your body and mind. I’m sure everyone who smokes weed feels and does the same. So why am I so special? becaus my dispensary is closed right now and I have to sit around and do nothing till they can bring my meds. And I say EFF THAT!

  3. This would be a great opportunity for me I would finally get a chance to learn from the best. This is something that I would love to pass on to others the knowledge of cannibis it’s great for the world. I’m looking for a career and this is it I just need the guidance and with you as the teacher I will not go wrong. Thank you for this opportunity I greatly appreciate it Brandy.

  4. Michael Hernandez III on

    I am more passionate about cannabis than I am about anything else next to family. I have been medicating with cannabis since 1998 and had my fair shares of ups and downs with it. My relationship with Cannabis has not come without consequences either. My first marriage fell apart partly because of my unwillingness to stop medicating with Cannabis. Also, the children from that relationship are kept from seeing me because according to the judge, I am a “Drug user and abuser”. I did stop medicating with Cannabis in order to see my kids, but soon became resentful that I could not live my life the way I should be able to. I continue to medicate with Cannabis today for muscle/joint pain relief, anxiety and sleep. I am on a tight budget plus child support. The knowledge of learning how to properly grow my own meds will help me not only save, but also give my family oppurtunities that we never would have been able to do without. Being the knowledge, not just $300, it’s the knowledge that comes with it, you can’t put a price on.

  5. Michael Hernandez III on

    I am also one of the most anal people I know. When it comes to certain things, it has to be just right. Almost OCC. I have been told by numerous Cannabis Enthusiasts that I would be a great grower due to my attention to details.

  6. This is a great opportunity for me to learn from the best. I have wanted to learn about growing since I started smoking. I have always wondered why people think it’s such a bad thing when it comes from mother earth. Maybe if they all just smoked a little then this world would be a better place. I’ve been looking for a career and this is it I could share this with all who wants to learn and you’re the perfect ones to teach me. I wish everyone had the knowledge of cannibis it’s a great natural medicine I don’t know what I would do without it in my life. I’ve been using since before I could legally drink or smoke cigarettes. I was cursed with a monthly cycle that had me going to the hospital every month until a older friend of mine had me try at that time it was chocolate tie and it help. I would rather use than to pump my body full of prescription drugs and day. Thank you for this opportunity. Brandy

  7. My name Is Will I go by ApexGrower Im 18 and I have had a passion for the cannabis plant for 4 years now. Through out my youth I struggled with sleep deprivation problems as well as many stomach complications that made it hard for me to regularly eat. I aslo moved around my entire life all over the east coast even London, Mexico, and Taiwan, this made it very difficult for me to make friends. Around the time I was 14 I had some very sad things happen in my life, so I looked to the cannabis plant for relief. Before I ever touched the magnificent flower I researched it as much as I could I didn’t want to do anything that would harm my body or make me stupid which I was taught it would do. I was amazed at the wonders of this plant and that it was used medicinally in other states. After I started using this medicine I noticed I was sleeping though out the night and eating regularly. My girlfriend also uses cannabis medicinally for ADHD and depression. The cost of cannabis where I was living was quite pricey for buds with bugs sometimes or mold or just not good quality for medicating. I began growing cannabis on a small scale not to sell but for me and my girlfriend to have clean medicine. When It came time to move in to my own apartment I was very unlucky to be pulled over with my equipment in the car by a K-9 unit. Since I was underage I was only put on probation where I was strictly monitored for cannabis use. I’m so tired of the stigma of cannabis use, and how uneducated most people in the world are about this plant. I have a passion for this plant so much so that I have made plans to move near Oakland, CA and pursue my passion at the end of this year. If I was to learn at Oaksterdam I would use my knowledge to teach everyone I know in all of the places I have been In my life via Youtube video. I also would try to get myself into a dispensary grow so the medicine I grow could be used by patients who need it. I want to be known for growing and creating powerful medicine, My goal in life for when I get to California is to win a Cannabis cup regardless if I win this or not I will still reach my goal. I hope you all one day will be able to try my medicine all over the USA LEGALIZE!!!

  8. I have always wanted to attend OU since the day I heard about it! I think that I would be the perfect candidate because I love MMJ and have since 4th grade. While my classmates were doing their projects on jelly fish and spiders, I was doing research on all natural medicinal purposes of certain plants. I would love this opportunity because, although I have done some growing, I feel that without the proper training and education, I will not be able to grow high grade medicinal marijuana. I want to provide delicious and healthy MMJ to patients all across California and hopefully one day the U.S. I want to bring joy to peoples faces as they inhale my high grade mmj and exhale their pain! Please pick me and I GUARANTEE an upgrade to the world of MMJ once completing my courses at Oaksterdam University !!! I know I’ll be hearing from you soon so until then… One Love and Peace!

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