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How many of us live in an environment that is brutal to the medicine that we spend so much money on? In the high deserts or mountain areas, where there is little humidity, or down at the coast, where there’s way too much. In either event, protecting your chronic medicine and keeping it properly preserved is an incredibly important and cost-effective thing to do.

Yet — up until recently it’s been a rather unattractive venture to undertake…

Are you tired of using tupperware or some other unattractive container…simply because you’re trying to maintain the proper moisture? Keeping your meds out of the sunlight while still allowing the beneficial UV rays to penetrate. Well, the folks at Herb Preserve have got your back.

Today in conjunction with Herb Preserve we offer… The Apothacary Jar  Giveaway contest.

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1st Place Winner will receive the Herb Preserve ‘Smoker’s Gift Pack’: which includes Herb Preserve’s award winning collections of jars. Included: 1.)   Sensi Star Apothacary Jar (2-4 OZ Capacity) 2.)    Trainwreck Screw Top Jar (1 OZ Capacity) 3.)    XXXOG Screw Top Jar (1/2 OZ capacity) 4.)    WhiteWidow Screw Top Jar (1/8th Capacity) 5.)    LA Confidential Screw Top Jar (1 Gram Capacity).

2nd Place Winner: will receive  1 Trainwreck Screw Top Jar (1 OZ Capacity)

3rd Place Winner:  will receive  1 XXXOG Screw TopJar (1/2 OZ capacity)

4th Place Winner: will receive  1 Himalayan Gold Screw Top Jar (1/4Capacity)

5th Place Winner: will receive  1  White Widow Screw Top Jar (1/8th Capacity)

 Contest Rules:

We want – Insightful, thought provoking and astute prose, speaking to how keeping your med’s in such a functional, yet stylish vessel will help to protect your valuable stash from the hostile climates during its shelf life. Follow the rules below… and good luck.

1.) In order to Win you must register with

2.) No crudeness

3.) No hate

4.) All comments must be made on

5.) 3 posts per users

6.) The bottom line here is -We pick the best comment, send you an email to confirm your righteous win, then we send it. – Simple!

Should you want to learn more about the extensive line of DOPE Apothecary Jars from Herb Preserve… Here you go!

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[youtube]“Super Skunk” Pocket-Size Special Edition Stash Jar

Do you love the combination of function and style? Are you caught in the conundrum of having to choose between function over fashion when it comes to preserving your weed? Now, regardless of the quantity of ‘chronic’ that you’re trying to properly preserve, from an 1/8 to well over a quarter pound these Apothecary, glass on glass jars, get it done in high style.

In creating these studly little jar they’ve retained all of the class, beauty, uniqueness, and glass-on-glass lid technology of the larger apothecary jars, while condensing it to pocket-size. It’s heavy for its size, durable, and the most stylish product they’ve ever offered.

It has to be the cutest little stash jar in the smoking industry.

“White Widow” Nug Stash Jar: Holds Over an Eighth

This one of a kind glass- once invented and utilized by ancient Egyptian in their mummification process- is now catered for the modern yet humble stoners to preserve their precious chronic herb! Apothecary glass jars are made out of premium lab-tested glass which will efficiently extend the freshness and fragrance by 6 whole. For additional durability, their modern cap is made of polypropylene with a thick urethane liner that preserves the aroma of your happy buds.

“Himalayan Gold” Pre-Roll Jar – Holds 12+ Pre-Rolls

Are you one of those old school 420 smokers who believes herbs are meant to be rolled and smoked? Would you roll one up more often if you had a safe way to store and transport them on-the-go without having to worry about them getting smushed or bent? Well the folks at apothecary feel your pain, which is why they’ve come out with their new pre-roll jar.

Great for either a bike ride to the beach, or for a sunset smoke. The apothecary pre-rolled jar is wonderful for those times when you just bought a ‘fresh sack’ of some ‘dank, sticky icky’ and want to roll up a handful joints… stashing them for later use, knowing that they’ll stay fresh and safe for as long as they’re stashed in this jar… up to six months if needed.

At a shade under 3-7/8th inches/ 9.8 cm, the apothecary Pre-Roll Jar is long enough to accommodate most rolling papers (which typically range from 2.75 to 3 inches). The capacity depends on how fat you roll them, but people who have used them report that they’ve been able to fit roughly a dozen KGB joints.

“XXX OG” 420 Herb Jar Holds Over 1/2 Ounce of Herb

Apothecary top seller, the “XXX OG” jar holds up to 1/2 ounce of herb and, at for $20, is one of our most economical by volume in the screw-cap line. The versatile 250 ml. jar carries up to half an ounce and is great for travel or smaller home storage. The compact design easily fits in small bags and offers a generous carrying capacity.

 “Trainwreck” Airtight Nug Stash Jar 1 Oz Capacity

Apothecary’s one ounce “Trainwreck” jar will help you save money. Buy in bulk confidently and know your herb will be as fresh in six months as they were the day you bought them. The economical 500 ml. container is the largest in our screw-top series and can carry up to 1 ounce of herb. It features thick glass for ideal durability and safety. This size works well for travel or personal home storage.

“Purple Kush” Apothecary 420 Stash Jar Holds 1 Ounce

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the new “Purple Kush” 1 ounce apothecary chronic 420 stash jars seem to have universal appeal.

After seeing the extraordinary popularity of our 2-4 ounce capacity “Sensi Star”, our signature high-performance pigmented glass has been RESIZED! The result screams class and convenience. It is airtight, smell-proof, and features a glass-on-glass lid.

“Louis XIII” Stash Apothecary Jar Holds 6-8 Oz Chronic Herb

Our 2 Liter Apothecary “Louis XIII” herb jar features a glass-on-glass secure lid and holds up to six ounces of Herb. Great for growers, dispensaries, or those like us who appreciate the most decadent of everything. Growers and dispensaries interested in large orders to store all your inventory, please e-mail or call for LOW wholesale rates on larger quantity orders. Imported European Lab-Tested Glass, Invented by Ancient Egyptians. Stash your herb in style! You can own literally the world’s most decadent herb jar for just $74.

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  1. I have a set of these chronic jars… they work so well, my med’s stay fresh for months:

    We work so hard to grow our meds — growing day and night, while hiding from the fed’s.

    After all the work is said and done… I need these jars to help preserve the fun. 🙂

  2. Your weed will go far if you keep it in jar, no air, no light, screw the lid on tight. Roll it up or pack a bong, your weed will burn long and strong. It won’t be too dry and it won’t be moist if you store it in a jar, that’s my first choice.

  3. Michael Hernandez III on

    I currently use the standard glass jars you can either buy or they give you at most dispensaries. I have four jars which hold 5 grams snugly. Each jar has it’s purpose, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and 1 Hitter. I usually pick up 5 grams at a time when I run out of each jar. A common reoccurance is by the time I am down to the last gram or two in the jar, I notice quite a drop in freshness, stickyness, texture, smell and smoke. I end up medicating on a harsher medicine. Sometimes I might have a certain medicine 1-2 weeks because I have 3 other jars with excellent medicine, I medicate with as well. The packages Herb Preserve carry would allow me to organize my medicine better and allow it to stay fresh for me no matter when I medicate with it. Also, I currently have a box, I keep my glass jars in so they arenot exposed to light. This would eliminate my box and create more space in my house as well. Being that the jars are black, they keep a low profile look and actually look like decoration. Being that I am a family man, those are all positives for me.

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  5. Id like to start by saying hopefully some of you smokers can relate to me and hook me up ha. I currently have no type of container for my medicine. I’d be extremely grateful if I won this contest providing such good products to those in need such as myself. I’d spread the word of your products functionality and modern style. But other than that,there’s not much else to say besides I am a functioning member of society,who also smokes,who would love a product of such great quality. Thank you for taking time to read my comment and I hope it somehow stands out.

  6. I’m straight from Mendocino County,the Emerald Triangle,and If I had something official like these jars instead of my usual sandwich bags I would be the coolest guy around B) hah. Also,that famous Mendo green weed deserves to be reserved 🙂

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  8. Look at these jars i wish they had jars like these in oroville dependable jars that will keep my weed safe and fresh, smellproof what’s more to ask for than that for my first jar i would want one of these 🙂

  9. I love the jars!! It is very important to not let your medicine dry out. I love the thick glass and the variety of sizes.

  10. This certainly won’t get me a win but I thought I’d share an alternative to the Herb Preserve — which I will certainly buy in the future. This other option has worked extremely well for me. If you’re one who likes to buy in bulk but only smoke twice a month… this is the container for you.

    Pressure top removes the air. Once you push down the handle it’s sealed. No light, no air, and very indiscreet. Can’t get better than that.

    Highly recommended at a great price!

  11. Hi im Cassy and im 21.
    Im new to the whole cannabis scene (only being a smoker for a little over 6 months.)
    I was diagnosed with major depression and my medication became quite expensive.
    After much discussion with my Dr. I started smoking.
    I don’t smoke much prolly a bowl a day throughout the day. I have the problem of my weed
    drying out fast. It just removes that amazing sticky quality I like in my bud. I highly believe these
    jars would change my smoking experience by obviously keeping my bud fresh and amazing.


    thanks for your time and consideration.

  12. I use the typical plastic jars the medical cannabis comes in from the clinic I personally don’t have a nug jug but I’ve been wanting to get some and having these that will keep my weed fresh would be better than any nug jug I would’ve bought. Help me keep my weed fresh.


  14. Once I established which medications worked for specific issues,
    primarily migraines and my Multiple Sclerosis, I found needed
    to do very specific things to preserve medications and most
    dispensaries do not use good and some used very poor packaging.
    those were also one only one time visits so medications need instant
    transfer to other containers. And have had a measureable slight
    improvement in my MS, and I have not heaqrd of any by conventional

  15. I live in a dorm with lower back pain and acute insomnia resulting from said pain. My college is in the middle of nowhere, so law enforcement has nothing better to do than harass jaywalkers, speeders, and yup, you guessed it! smokers.
    My roommate told me of a time when a police officer found out where someone who smoked lived and the officer waited for SIX HOURS in the poor kid’s room to greet him with handcuffs and a ride to the police station.
    To make it better, the Resident Assistant (student peon who enforces rules) lives next door to me. She sent out an e-mail saying, “If any RA, not just me, even suspects the use of marijuana or other illegal drugs, we will not hesitate to call the city police. So just don’t do it.” She is a big opponent of medical marijuana, as most residents of this county are.
    The nearest reputable source for medicine is fifty miles away. So when I go, I have to stock up and make it worthwhile. I can only afford to make the trip monthly. I brought my own pill bottles to contain the smell because they only give plastic baggies. There’s about an eighth contained in my room. A friend of mine walked into my room and said “yeah it smells like weed in here,” regardless of the bottles.
    I really don’t want to lose my scholarships, go to jail, and get thrown out of a good college because manmade pharmaceuticals are ineffective and produce worse side effects than cannabis does.

    – xo

  16. I yearn for a better way to store my medicine!!the glass snap ware ,i currently use,does no justice to my medicine which is of inemistable value.with the new apothecary jars, my dreams of discrete and convenient stashes will be realized.with a 6 month shelf life . My medicine will endure through the toughest of conditions.thank you so much Herb Preserve for the wonderful jars !

  17. Being a horticulture major and growing for personal use only, the biggest challenge is keeping my herbs and veggies fresh while I sit on one harvest until the next. I have tried mason jars, freezer, zip locks, plastic jars, tinted jars, metal containers; you name it. I have yet to find a jar that preserves and cures my herbs as desperately needed. I came across the herb preserve jars on the internet earlier this week and was intrigued by experimental results. As a type of glass connoisseur, the results were not my only observation; I was quickly drawn to the fact that many of the jars are glass on glass! Instantly I had to have one, regardless of the functionality; I mean seriously, could there be a better design than an egyptian dog Pharaoh? Unfortunately, upon looking into the price, I was shocked. “I would hope that they work as well as they say with that price,” I said to myself. Although I don’t doubt the functionality of the jars, they are just too expensive for a college student with a $200 per month income. I would love to try these jars as they may be a perfect solution to my problem, and therefore a perfect future investment for the rest of my life!

  18. Its great that Herb Preserve has made a jar to store our weed in. For so long I have been buying weed and having nowhere to put it except stored in my drawer in a plastic baggie or in a little plastic bottle. I hope to get one of these one day because there is nowhere else to put my weed. A little note to Herb Preserve: Thank you for being so intelligent! Thanks to you I can keep my weed fresh and keep it from being harsh on my throat. In favor of you creating such a great storing place i’m gonna go get stoned. 🙂

    To all my stoners out there, this is the jar for you. Lets go get high Hahahaha

  19. This product looks and sounds fabulous!! Definitely a must have here in MN where the humidity and hot& cold weather is always on a rollercoaster. Would love to acquire some of these, and if I win the grand prize, I will give a few to friends!

  20. Wow i need some of these cool jars to keep my icky sticky from going all thru the woods when i deer hunt,them deer just attack me when they smell that sweet bud!!!!!!

  21. with these jars the smell goes far oh so far in my car in a bar these tightly sealed jars all the way to mars the smell goes far

  22. ItsJustMedicinal on

    For what I’ve already read these jars are the business. I never use air tight jars and by the time I get down to my last couple grams the bud is always dry and harsh to smoke. Light proof and air tight is the way to go and keeping it smell proof makes it a G 13 classified product I gotta have it the HERB PRESERVE !

  23. Og Kush Protection

    Are you a true medical marijuana conisouer? The incredible workmanship and functionality of these apothacary jars is bar none, weather just a few grams or a few ounces their worht is priceless.
    They help extend the benefical potency of your medicine as well protect it from going stale, these one of a kind jars are my one and only choice for medicine storage.
    They have proven their worth over and over as my apartment complex is non-smoking in any form, going from jar to vaporizer as fast as possible is their best feature they have kept it fresh even months after forgetting there was herbs inside.
    Herb-Preserve are the golden no not good enough PLATINUM DIAMOND COATED STANDARD for any true to form medical marijuana patient. I SWEAR by these jars as well do many of the patients in my support group.
    Herb-Preseve Thank You for your amazing product. they are the most perfectly sealed and portective jars on this planet.

    – Ansonnie Bran

  24. The Apothecary jars are incredible, they capture and keep the smell of your Dank inside the UV-Permeable jar. Weed just keeps a better aroma and a better more ‘crisp’ look to it with these amazing environment safe jars!

  25. Living in WA State, your nugs get damp from all the muggy weather here. You gotta put them in a sealed container. UV proof is even better. Herb Preserve seems to have everything covered. So, I’d love to win so I can preserve my muggy nugs.

  26. When I gaze upon these jars,
    My dreams are rocketed to the stars,
    Wow – Herb Preserve to store my stash!
    But my life’s a bitch – I’ve got no cash.

    Thank you Herb Preserve for making what sounds and looks like a product made with quality and respect. I look forward to the day I can make a set of these my own.

  27. When I gaze upon these jars,
    My dreams are rocketed to the stars,
    WOW – Herb Preserve to store my stash!
    But my life’s a bitch – I’ve got no cash.
    I keep my buds in amber glass,
    but Herb Preserve says – Kiss my ass!
    Our jars rock, you can say it again,
    because using these jars is a definite Win-Win!


  29. Garry Cawthorn on

    Dang this would be a nice Birthday present for myself….. Always have trouble trying to keep the smell down…lol

  30. Alright — it’s been a solid 5 day’s since this contest was posted. As such, this contest is now over. After much concentration by the staff… they have decided on the winners. The results are now posted on s facebook fan page.

    Now thats the way to start off a new work week…

  31. It’s been two weeks since I won. And haven’t received my prize . Just wondering if any of the winners have gotten their jars yet?

    • I have not received my prize either — sorry/glad to hear that others have not seen their prize. They appear to be great jars and I am very anxious to get them.

  32. The best part about these jars outside of all the high tech thing’s people have came up with is not only is it better for your weed due to blocking UV Rays and keeps them fresh longer during its shelf life. It also helps your weed way better then a zip lock back or your an eveyday sandwhich bag. Now im not sure if anyone has tried this outside of my friends and myself, but if you put your weed into a glass jars and keep it in your freezer its stays fresher. Yes we have tried this on multiple strains and it seemed to work way better then room temp. marijuana. We also noticed that in glass jars the crystallization on your marijunana will stay intacked on your plant then it would in a plastic bag due to crystals sticking to the side of your bag. This was a brilliant evention that Herb Preserve came up with and whoever wins these brilliant jars will be happy for life. Awsome job. Plus it would be nice to win anyone of these jars if not all of them. Good Luck everyone

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