Higher Education: Pot Growing Professor Popped For Marijuana Cultivation At University of Wisconsin


A University of Wisconsin plant academic was arrested last week for supposedly cultivating marijuana in his Biochemistry lab on the U of W campus. Mr. Schwartz – an assistant scientist who works in the Biochemistry Building…# 420 at Henry Mall. Christopher J. Schwartz, 45, was detained and booked into the Dane County Jail late Thursday afternoon, currently charged with one felony count of “Growing and Selling marijuana” —  according to UW-Madison Police Sgt. Aaron Chapin.

The scholarly bust was carried out on Wednesday; just one day after police received a tip about the plants being grown in the Biochemistry lab at the UW-Madison campus.

Schwartz was released from jail on Thursday, according to jail records.

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A short description of the work done by Schwartz, written for an agriculture-genomics meeting in San Diego in January, shows he works on bio-energy crop research, including switchgrass.

UW-Madison spokesman Dennis Chaptman said Schwartz was placed on paid administrative leave after his arrest. His case will now work its way through UW’s personnel process and could lead to a variety of consequences, Chaptman said, up to and including dismissal.

Chapin said he did not know how many plants were being grown or where in the building they were, only that it was in a portion of the lab that was under Schwartz’s control. He said that Schwartz consented to a search of his West Side home, where police found more evidence of marijuana seed cultivation and use. Chapin said he did not know what sort of evidence that was.

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Chapin said the investigation into the marijuana growing in the Biochemistry Building is continuing, and it isn’t known at this time if anybody else is involved.

“Additional charges may be forthcoming,” Chapin said. [ Source]

He said the charge that police are recommending to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office is one count of manufacturing and delivering between 200 and 1,000 grams of marijuana.

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