Kids And Marijuana: Prohibition — The Real Gateway To Drug Addiction


When all is said and done good parenting boils down to a couple of different things, making sure that you’ve educated your kids so that they can grow up healthy, happy while being able to discern right from wrong, and the ability to make responsible decisions throughout their life. As a general rule of thumb, parents accomplish this task by sitting down and creating an environment where they can have an open and honest dialogue, surrounding the sensitive issues that will inevitably affect them in their future.

A broad-based and well-rounded education provides our children the important tools and coping skills that will help them understand the challenges that no doubt, face them on their long journey through this weird and wonderful experience known as life.

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Legalizing marijuana and creating a government regulated system which should include the same all-encompassing spectrum of rules and regulations as the alcohol industry: age, promotional restrictions on advertising, DUI impairment levels… and the likes, would go a long way towards helping parents broach the sensitive issues.  Several scientific studies which have focused on states with medical marijuana laws, not only show that these laws do not increase marijuana use amongst teens, rather in some instances they have shown a strong decrease in pot use amongst the teens in their community.

As marijuana prohibition has just celebrated its 75th year of sending the wrong message to our nation’s youth that “marijuana is ethically wrong,” that there is absolutely no such thing as a responsible marijuana smoker. All while promoting the fun and sexy, use of alcohol and tobacco. This type of policy Is insanity at its best, and ignorance at its worst. The American public takes this propaganda to heart. As such it throws opens the door for the feds, justifying their interference in the parents job of educating their children, regarding moderation and responsibility.

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How can it be socially acceptable for parents, alcohol producers and even some government entities to educate our children about safe alcohol consumption practices, while at the same time telling parents that to discuss marijuana in an open and honest format… Is indistinguishable from condemning them to a life of meaningless drug addiction?

As a society we did not choose to outlaw cigarettes as a means of reducing the use amongst our youth. Rather a federal policy of education and regulation (not prohibition) has gone a long way to create an environment in which tobacco usage has slowly but steadily declined to an all time low. The same could be said for the alcohol industry, once it was pulled back from the abyss of prohibition. A sustained and concentrated effort on responsible drinking practices by the government, alcohol companies and educational institutions have driven teen alcohol use down to a record low,  according to the 2011 monitoring the future survey. As we look back over our history of prohibition versus government regulation and education, we see the age restriction by government agencies in addition to education has proven to be one of the most effective elements in reducing teen access to adult only recreational substances. Despite the long and documented history of prohibition versus regulation and education we still find marijuana policy languishing in the dark ages of logic.


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  2. I really feel . That other drugs like cocaine and meth, you know alot of those things. But weed. Its so much better for you then alcohal . And the government is kinda depressing our ideas. But ya know

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