Learn How to Cure & Store Your Buds – New Technology on Display at The Los Angeles 2012 Kush Expo


With the upcoming Kush Expo event this weekend at LA Center Studios, be sure to check out the demonstration of the amazing technology developed by CVault, that goes into helping cure & store the crops you cultivate  and the expensive medicine that you purchase.  On behalf of the CVault, Terra Holistic, a collective out of Garden Grove, CA. will provide some chronic White Fire OG & Super Blue Dream that they have been curing in the CVault since 9/18/12, stop by the CVault booth in the medicated section to observe, touch, and taste the result of the cure.

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Anyone that has ever grown marijuana before understands the immense amount of effort that must be undertaken in order to cultivate a high quality flower. Until the last flower has been picked, substantial deliberation has been given to the plants atmospheric environment.  Cultivators that care about their end product and its overall quality, invest thousands of dollars, as well as hundreds of hours of their time in the never-ending battle to control their grow rooms environment. Reading books and watching videos in an attempt to “become one” with the light spectrum requirements, necessary ventilation and essential nutrients that will help maximize their overall yield. Ask any seasoned…professional grower, ‘what’s one of the more important steps in the cultivation process?’ The general response is often the curing process.

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If you don’t cure it and store it properly, your once potentially awesome medical marijuana – may as well be hay. As a means of suspending marijuana’s terpenes and cannabinoids at their maximum potency, dried buds should be stored in a container which can provide a relative humidity of 60 to 65%. This stable humidity further safeguards your precious buds from evaporating or absorbing any moisture from its surrounding environment, thereby allowing for a controlled and continued – slow curing process -protecting the heat sensitive terpenes and delicate trichomes from degradation.

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Presented as a quantum leap forward in the preservation of your valuable herb is – The CVault  – this handy little item is the ultimate humidity controlled storage container for storing and curing marijuana.  The primary reasons that properly cured marijuana degrades over time is: exposure to light and unforgiving humidity percentages.

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The CVault system handles both of these issues effortlessly. The state-of-the-art storage system is totally impenetrable to light, solidly fabricated of 18/10 food grade stainless steel, and has a 1/4 inch silicone seal to ensure the container is airtight. On the inside of this cleverly designed money saver, is a Boveda/Humidipak holder. The Boveda/Humidipak is a patented two-way humidity technology that adjusts humidity up or down, dependent on the need. The packets either add or remove moisture to maintain a consistent 62% relative humidity within the CVault.

 Source: Marijuana.com 


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  1. This looks to be a great tool especially for living in a desert climate as I do it is very difficult to get
    proper humidity for curing my girls. Perfect timing as I am close to harvest. 🙂
    Ordered 6 to try out.

  2. I definitely plan on stopping by and checking out the CVault demonstration by Terra Holistic, I can’t wait to taste the outcome of the cure process.

    Big thanks to both CVault and Terra Holistic for putting on the demonstration. 🙂

  3. In my opinion and experience, it doesnt matter how or why you introduce moisture to your marijuana. once youve dried and cured your bud, if you add a humidipak it will destroy the smell!!

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