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The Death Of Pharmacological McCarthyism: Don't Fear The Reefer



Dr. Gabriel G Nahas passed away a few months ago and will not likely be missed. The not so good Dr. was the doomed nut-bag who instigated the plethora of Bullshit reports – which began the propaganda machine, stating that marijuana smoking was the main gateway drug to nastier, more insidious drugs. Dr. Nahas was responsible for penning *10 half-baked anti pot books, in addition to reporting in approximately 700 articles in various scientific journals, all of which suggested that marijuana contributed to cancer of the neck and head, overall weakening of the immune system, brain damage, infertility – all of which is complete crap.

Dr. Gabriel G. Nahas, 92, a controversial medical researcher who became a prominent crusader against marijuana, died June 28 in Manhattan.

As a guiding voice against the darkness that is ignorance, the New England Journal of Medicine once called Dr. Nahas the King of “psychopharmacological McCarthyism…which compels him to use half-truths, innuendo and unverifiable assertions.” Despite being called out by such a prominent publication, Robert L DuPont, drug czar in the Nixon and Ford administrations, called Dr.Nahas “the Paul Revere of drug abuse,” noting “he alone lit the beacon warning of the threat of the modern drug abuse epidemic.”

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Apparently the good old boy network (or girl), of having friends in high places can sometimes actually work in one’s favor, despite the moronic garbage someone might report as fact. It was Dr. Nahas, with the help of his good friend Nancy Reagan (back in the 1980’s) who began spreading the wildly incorrect and often repeated lie, that marijuana use was far more dangerous to America’s teenagers than that of alcohol consumption.

Dr. Nahas became known as much for his advocacy as for his science. He was the chairman of the scientific advisory committee of the National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth, now the National Family Partnership. He was a consultant to the United Nations Commission on Narcotics in the 1980s and ’90s. In 1985, he appeared at an antidrug rally with Mrs. Reagan and the actor William Shatner, who was in costume as his best-known character, Captain Kirk of “Star Trek.” Dr. Nahas testified frequently at government hearings. source

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When all is said and done, it’s regressive views from so-called professionals like our crackpot Dr. that keeps the marijuana legalization movement hand-tied and constantly struggling for its day in court. Let us all pray that his savage misrepresentations are buried with him…deep in unfertile soil, never to take root again.

*Wittiness the lies of  Dr. Gabriel G. Nahas, in Marijuana: Deceptive Weed. New York: Raven Press, 1972, Drug Use in America: Problem in Perspective.   Washington, D.C.: GPO, March 1973, and last but not worst … Keep Off the Grass. New York: Pergammon Press, 1979.

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