Top 10 Reasons For Purchasing A Mini Oil Rig


The mini oil rig is a creation within the glass art world, combining beautiful functionality with impressive glass art, all contained within an incredibly mobile piece. Perfectly sized for fitting into the palm of your hand, these impressively designed mini bubblers generally stand anywhere between 3 to 12 inches in height. One of the beautiful highlights of these remarkably small pieces is that most take next to no water, while still providing the full impact of a standard size piece, despite its tiny discreet size.

Aside from their intended discretion and durable compact nature, what else are these beautiful pieces of mobile art about?

1. Perfect size for today’s concentrate connoisseurs
2. Requires next to no water, which = no splash
3. Stability and durability
4. Perfect for holiday travels or weed vacations
5. Easy to camouflage – hide
6. Uses less rubbing alcohol to clean
7. Easier to hit…less volume – smaller surface = smaller smoke chamber to reclaim
8. Greater functionality through design
9. Similar to a puppy on a leash…this rig at a gathering will start the conversations
10. Concentrated flavor from smaller hits

Just ask any experienced dabber about the importance and functionality of the mouthpiece on any oil rig, or the importance of the showerhead diffuser… there needs to be great thought put into these topics in order to create a pipe which provides smooth airflow. The optimum mini bubbler should be comprised of a three-hole, pierced bottom, down stem diffuser. As these diminutive pieces of art take much less water and have significantly less volume within the chamber to reclaim, the smoker tends to get a robust flavor, making it ideal for today’s wax connoisseurs.

Big style – Miniature Size.

Unless one is an experienced glassblower – it’s hard to grasp the amount of work and artistic creativity that goes into making these heady little rigs. The glassblower has to concentrate on the overall structural integrity of the peace, in addition to its artistic flair in order for the piece to draw smoothly – while still representing tasteful and original art.

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