Disney Pays $4.05 Billion For “Star Wars”: Gets These 20 Strains of Marijuana


“Lucas… come the dark side”


Filmmaker, and already really rich dude…George Lucas’s and his treasured “Star Wars” characters, movies, and all of the merchandising swag are now part of The Walt Disney Empire. Tuesday, Disney announced that it will pay approximately $4.05 billion to buy the Bay Area based film company pledging to fire up a new base of fans, and generating mad excitement for George Lucas’s chronic “Star Wars” characters, cultivating new legions of followers for one of the world’s most enduring movies about good and evil.

The creator of the Star Wars franchise had always stood by the assertion that he was out of adventures for master Yoda and young Skywalker. “Noting that, “I’ve always believed that ‘Star Wars’ could live beyond me, and I thought it was important to set up the transition during my lifetime,” the creator of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker noted in a press release by both parties.

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Will the Empire Strikes Back? Will Darth Vader take over the soul of Luke Skywalker, pulling him over to the dark side… Encouraging him to use his killer powers within the “Force” and thereby creating more characters, which at some point will become famous marijuana strains.

While some may, and others may not, remember the heady days in Southern California in back in 2010, when we stood a better than good chance, of being sent home from your favorite collective with at least one spaced out gram of Skywalker OG. (I wonder how Disney will approach these little nugs of copyright violation!)

As a matter of fact, I can remember an entire shelf at my favorite collective being stocked with nothing but Star Wars character named strains, most of them ending with OG, a reference to the fact that they’re crossed with LA’s favorite “Ocean Grown”  Kush, a notably high THC strain of the famed Afghani genetics.

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Not surprising, Star Wars and pot have been good buddies for many decades. Yeah, don’t act like you’re surprised. How else would George Lucas have come up with some of the plots and characters, if not high while writing… With that in mind marijuana.com presents  20 of the more chronic genetics that share the commonality of being both marijuana, and a name motivated by Star Wars.

1. Starwarz

2. Skywalker 

3. Skywalker OG 

4. Purple Skywalker

5. Master OG Wan Kenobi

6. Yoda OG

7. OG Master Yoda

8. Yoda’s Breath

9. Jedi OG

10. Han Solo OG

11. Chewbacca

12. DarkSide (Granddaddy Purps)

13. Darth Vader

14. Death Star

15. Death Star Hash

16. Jedi Death Star

17. Jedi Storm Trooper

18. R2-D2

19. C-3PO

20. Jawa

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