Montana Marijuana Injustice | Chris Williams Faces 80 Years


Ironically – the end result of Mr. Williams absolute compliance of all local marijuana laws is that may spend the next 80 years of his life rotting in the very for-profit prison system that benefits from marijuana’s prohibition.


The atmosphere surrounding the conflict between medical marijuana states and the federal prohibition of ‘pot’  is growing progressively uglier and meaner, leading to tension and trouble as the Fed’s out of step prohibition conflicts with America’s values and sense of justice. The end result is an American public that has utter contempt for the schizophrenia that passes as federal justice.

Despite the fact our federal government maintains a patent on marijuana’s primary active ingredients known as cannabinoids…they still maintain marijuana as a Schedule I Substance and continue to prohibit its use for medical purposes, meanwhile a continually growing number of freethinking states feel different. As America’s demographics change and more states  legalize medical marijuana for its citizens which suffer from incapacitating medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, severe nausea, M.S. and a host of other chronic pains. The November 6th vote demonstrated clearly, when Colorado and Washington both voted to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, that the federal government’s archaic marijuana prohibition is becoming more and more unrealistic and unmanageable.

As the overly punitive federal drug laws are viewed by most as extreme.  Contemplate the nightmare of Chris Williams. Mr. Williams is the unfortunate subject of the maddening Weed Op Doc-u-video,  and who began an incredibly productive marijuana cultivation operation in Montana shortly after the the voters said “yes” and legalized medical pot for its constituents. Mr. Williams, despite following all city, county, and state medical marijuana laws was ultimately arrested by federal agents. Ironically – the end result of Mr. Williams absolute compliance of all local marijuana laws is that may spend the next 80 years of his life rotting in the very for-profit prison system that benefits from marijuana’s prohibition. While white-collar crime gets off with a slap on the wrist (Penn State’s child rapist  got a 30-years,) Chris is facing the harsh probability of a mandatory minimum sentencing of more than 80 years.

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Leading up to Mr. Williams’s trial, federal prosecutors offered him various plea bargains, but he turned them all down. He believed, quixotically enough, that he deserved his day in court. He held this conviction even though prosecutors precluded him from presenting his compliance with state law as a defense to the federal charges. Without this essential context, the jury heard a deeply distorted version of Mr. Williams’s story. source

A single-parent who thought he was providing not only a safe and legal service to the community, Mr. Williams now faces the very real possibility of never being able to hold his son again. This outcome is outrageous, no doubt— Mr. Williams may potentially see his son turned over to a state run foster care outfit— wrong, repugnant, and morally unacceptable.

Should you be of the old school train of thought, and consider  the benefits of legalized medical marijuana to be more harmful to society— an ongoing debate, but one set aside for the moment —in a logical society a rational system of justice should have no problem explaining why one defendant is penalized more severely than the next. It should have no problem justifying how a marijuana cultivator who grows is crops in accordance to state law would be punished the much more severe manner than the likes of say ….umm pedophiles and killers. If the Feds can’t explain their logic, then we the people should fight to change it.

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  1. The anti-cannabis movement has no more sense than a religious argument.

    Can we please start referring to it by its proper name “cannabis” rather than the emotionally inflammatory “marijuana” (read up on its history)?

    • Thank you Ms. Cohen – Anything we can do to help further Chris’s cause…we will be more than happy to help with. Just let me know.

      Thanks SB

  2. 80 years for a guy growing a plant. That sounds ludicrous to me. That old school train of thought where yes I hate when people call it marijuana, should be called cannabis, those bozos need to simply up and die and do the world a favor us smarter individuals. Not brought up on that war on drugs mentality. Why a penalty is so harsh is absolutely barbaric, and I have to live in a world with these assholes. Legalize the plant, stop murders associated with its illegality. Those people anti-pot are nothing but dumb deaf old school thinkers who need a serious upgrade on whats going around today in this earth and how we as a whole population can better benefit with it being legal.

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