Uruguay On Board With Selling Pot To Citizens


In order to track their citizens weed purchases, the puff, puff, passers will be given a state issued card complete with bar codes, that keeps track of the amount of Uruguayan chronic each lucky citizen buys.  


In a logical attempt to stomp out organized criminal activity in the country of Uruguay, they have sought to do away with one of their more lucrative incomes, the sales of illegal marijuana. Instead, they have stepped into the role that was once occupied by the street level drug dealer – having legalized the public sales of up to 20  joints of  Uruguay’s best smoke every month ( which for the sake of political correctness they are calling themcigarettes).

As it now stands Uruguay’s citizens will be able to stroll down to their local state run pot market and purchase up to 40 grams… or approximately 1.4 ounces of chronic bud per month. Depending on how thick you roll your joints, thats approximately 20 normal sized dubbies worth (not bad). The kicker here is that the sale will be regulated by the state with the state legal weed being sold at a yet to be determined market price.

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In order to track their citizens weed purchases, the puff, puff, passers will be given a state issued card complete with barcodes, that keep track of the amount of Uruguayan chronic each lucky citizen buys.

Uruguayan President José Mujica, who previously announced plans to grow up to 150 hectares of mariajuana for sale to users, said that his government hopes to eliminate the black market trade in pot – and related violence – by implementing this measure. source

The director of Uruguay’s National Drug Council Julio Calzada went on to mention that the state grown ganja will be distributed in explicitly state sanctioned marijuana stores, comparable to the average American liquor store, along with strictly monitored rules and regulations regarding the distribution over of the now legal pot.

As with any good plan there are always the naysayers, and hears this stories; Uruguayan economist Carlos Casacuberta who has openly condemned the measure claiming that this ill-conceived action will not only “not wipe out” the country’s black market trade in marijuana, it will “inflame it”.

“The drug traffickers will react as any other business would – they will look to compete with the government’s marijuana, to find their niche,” he said. “’There will be two models of marijuana, the legal and the illegal.”  source

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As we here in the United States have painfully learned, the war on drugs has been nothing short of an epic failure; most notably a government’s myopic focus on the prohibition of weed – equaling the waste of tens of millions of its citizen’s tax dollars and lives.

As marijuana legalization ranks high on the talking points in many countries, it is throughout Latin America where the lion share of bloodshed falls. Primarily due to the escalating violence related to the artificially inflated value of a prohibited substance.

“I think we are at a tipping point on marijuana policy,” noted Brian Vicente one of the driving forces behind Colorado’s marijuana measure. “We are going to see whether marijuana prohibition survives, or whether we should try a new and more sensible approach.” source

I vote for the new more sensible approach… Thank you very much.

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