Bigger Problem For Society: Weed Deaths = Zero | Guns Deaths = 30,000


While the argument may seem separate to some, they are one and the same… Most of the nonsensical laws that America’s public is forced to endure have a foundation based in greed, money and power.

Friday’s tragedy is still fresh in our minds — sadness, grief and bewilderment have gripped our nation for the last three days. Many ponder the poignant question… how is it that a mentally disturbed young man can get his hands on these types of weapons? And what would push him over the edge, leading to the murder of 20 innocent kids? As always seems to be the case, no one could’ve imagined the dark mindset necessary for carrying out this slaughter of innocents, or that someone of that nature (mentally unstable) could gain access to the guns necessary to carry out the carnage that unfolded Friday at a Connecticut elementary school.

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We must have a short memory. How many of you remember that following the cold-blooded butchery of the Batman movie shooting (Aurora CO.), CO Gov. John Hickenlooper claimed that it was far too soon to begin the important discussion of gun control? His contemptible silence on gun control and the role of modern weapons in today’s society, was instead replaced with his beefed up campaign against amendment 64 (the legalization of recreational of marijuana consumption) in Colorado. The strange thing is, according to the CDC in 2006, guns killed a total of 30,896 people. Of which, 642 turned out to be accidental. 16,883 were due to suicide, a staggering 12,791 were murders, and the cops were cleared in 360 killings by guns. Yet according to Gov. Hickenlooper, Weed, which has never killed anyone, was more of a hot topic than guns.

For a little insight into the psychological mindset of Gov. Hickenlooper, who famously told Coloradans that marijuana legalization was unsafe for kids, he has made a small fortune off the family owned Brewing Company, Wynkoop — knowing that his type of alcohol products are responsible for the killing of thousands of people yearly. So according to the governor, marijuana smoking was a bigger issue than gun control, or alcohol consumption and all the death that comes with it.

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As the president spoke out on Sunday, he noted that thus far during his presidency, we as a nation have been faced with this situation four different times. Instead of angry politicians, spurred on by their constituents – to take on the NRA and do what is right by our citizens and our kids. The federal government and the overgrown children that run it have instead chased down innocent, state legal medical marijuana collectives, consumers and growers.

WHY? …well, just follow the money. How many politicians line their pockets with “donations” from the NRA, keeping guns legal? Or from the corporate industrial prison complex, making sure to keep those passive pot smokers filling their prison walls. While the argument may seem separate to some, they are one and the same… Most of the nonsensical laws that America’s public is forced to endure have a foundation based in greed, money and power.

Top 5 NRA Contribution Recipients; candidates who took the most from the NRA :


Jim Renacci (R-OH)         $9,900

Steve Fincher (R-TN)      $9,900

Josh Mandel (R-OH)       $9,450

Eric Cantor (R-VA)           $7,450

Mike Coffman (R-CO)    $7,450


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  1. Do not forget the approximately 50,000 Mexicans killed in drug cartel related violence since late 2006. You buy imported weed, you are giving them blood money. This blood is on your hands. Legalization and vice taxation is the way to go, but in the mean time, you are getting people killed on both sides of the border.

  2. Wow this article needs to open up people’s eyes… after this tragic shooting in Connecticut people should read this and say oh wow an American pass time shooting guns has killed so many people but marijuana hasn’t killed anyone in its lifetime… Please government of the USA, I wanna call this country my home, but if u keep arresting young college kids like me for having a few grams of marijuana and ruining chances for getting jobs, then how do u expect today’s generation to change the future. I’m majoring in biology because I love the science of marijuana.

  3. freedom is freedom. Can’t pick and choose. Some mentally ill and criminals abuse drugs some abuse guns. Either way rest of society society should not forfeit their rights. If you wish to be taken seriously do not suggest that only the freedoms you espouse are valid.

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