Brad Pitt Praises The Presidents New And Improved Marijuana Outlook


‘The President’s statement reflects a saner and more sensible drug policy, and a step away from the decades long failed war on drugs.’ 


As many may be aware, Brad Pitt may be more famous for his love life than his film career, but at one point in his life Brad Pitt had gained the elevated reputation as a serious connoisseur of good weed. The father of six energetic kids admitted that he only gave up smoking pot when he became a father a few years ago. So it came as a shock to no one when he and several colleagues began praising President Obama’s modified stance towards marijuana prohibition within the states that have legalized it.

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After the despicable and disgusting act Last Friday, in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza who mercilessly shot dead 20 innocent children and six brave adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtow, Connecticut – the president seems to have focused on the real priorities.

This eye-opening massacre focused the national attention with laser beam accuracy, highlighting the true national problem in America… and needless to say, its not weed. This horrific event occurred just 30 days after voters in Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana consumption for adults (those over 21).

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In a moment of clarity – after time to reflect on the most recent tragedy, President Obama in a recent interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20,  proclaimed that prosecuting pot smokers is far from being the nations ‘top priority’.

What do Brad Pitt, Danny Glover, Russell Simmons and John Legend all have in common? They are fed up and have seen enough of the “drug war” insanity, ruining lives and jailing kids. Perpetrated on the grounds that drugs are our kids greatest enemies, when in actuality… Ignorance is.  These four friends share the common goal of trying to shine the light of clarity on a campaign of ignorance. As such all served as executive producers on “The House I Live In”, a new documentary scrutinizing the human rights injustices which are a direct result of America’s ill-conceived “war on drugs.”

The four supporters of common sense and sanity have stated their overwhelming pleasure with the current position of the White House, pleased to see the Obama administration focusing its attention on matters of true significance and importance.

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After Obama’s interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20 – Brad, Danny, Russell and John all believed that ‘President Obama should be commended for expressing the will of the people in Colorado and Washington,’ the producers say in a joint statement to ET Online.

‘Our jails are overburdened with nonviolent drug users in this country, too often serving harsher sentences than violent criminals. This defies all common and economic sense.

‘The President’s statement reflects a saner and more sensible drug policy, and a step away from the decades long failed war on drugs.’ source

As the United States currently jails approximately 1.5 million people each and every year for “illicit drugs”, Americans are constantly bombarded with the never-ending commercials pushing legal drugs into the soft and pliable psyche of America’s youth. Putting them on notice, that should they have symptoms… (commercial starts off) “Do you suffer from depression, or anxiety?” Then your good doctors have the AMA approved pill for you.


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  1. Give me a FREAKING break already!! His comments were not a turn about in his policy of fighting the “War on Drugs”.
    The feds have never made a priority of going after users, they don’t have the resources.
    His comment about “bigger fish to fry” just meant that he will be going after the legal growers and retailers (in CO and WA).
    This administration has raided more “legal” dispensaries than any of his predecessors. He’s a hypocrite of the highest order. (no pun intended)
    People need to be prepared to have their illusions shattered when the A** starts a major assault against the WILL OF THE PEOPLE in
    CO and WA.
    We in CO cast 50,0000 more votes for Cannabis than we did for Obama. The Yes vote on 64 was 266,000 more votes than the NO.

  2. We heard Obama say the same thing before. Just before all those collectives and dispensaries filed their paperwork, brought in their supplies and set up shop. THEN the DOJ came in and had a good old time showing off the ability to terrorize a neighborhood, and the patients who need what the DEA and/or FBI came to take away. Holder is a loser and needs to step down, NOW.

  3. What happened to the Executive Order? He has issued a number of them, and none of them have to do with cannabis? Isn’t that what he usually does to go over other official’s heads? Maybe I am misunderstanding what exactly he does do with them.

  4. Hahahahaha more raids than any of the past presidents, if I’m not mistaken weed wasn’t even legal for medical use until Obama, how in the hell would any other president have more raids?? Lmao facts before thoughts

  5. Prop 215 has existed since 1996! and no Obama has allowed more raid than anyone else. however, realize that the “raids” are perpetrated by local law enforcement based on city municipal codes. The federal government has had very little to do with mmj aside from harbor side and john storms, and as being funded by big business will not change policy until said big business has positioned themselves to financially gain from the change in policy or we would see a very server economic breakdown of our government. Also understand that our government is based on jurisdiction and to see change we as patients should be looking to change to local administration not the federal, as that will have more affect.

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