Cannabinoids, Autism And A Child's Last Chance At Life


Joey’s mom made a life changing decision… Medicinal marijuana would be her son’s final stand, in a final battle against the ravages of autism and the negative effects of the prescribed medications.


While some might try and have you believe that the medical use of marijuana should be considered shocking in the treatment of a 10-year-old boy with a severe autism, this mother from orange county California… is not one of them.  After trying all other options – when pressed to describe Joey before his medical marijuana use, doctors used words such as hostile, destructive and a danger to himself and others.  His mother, however now says he is a different child.

Exhausted and discouraged with traditional Western medicines, Joey’s mother was informed that her young son would soon die.

After exhaustive research, Joey’s mom made a life changing decision… Medicinal marijuana would be her son’s final stand, in a final battle against the ravages of autism and the negative effects of the prescribed medications.  “Had I not gone this route my son would not be here…” the young mom advised.

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10-year-old Joey was diagnosed with autism when he was just 16 months old, and his symptoms are severe. He doesn’t speak, he doesn’t walk and the prognosis for him is that he will never lead a so-called “normal life.”

Joey’s mother and their extended team of doctors tried everything. 13 different medications in total, at one point the tiny boy was taking six medications at once as a means of trying to control the violent, and antisocial symptoms of severe autism. Regrettably, the medications were having nearly as bad an effect on Joey’s health as the original ailment. Among the most notable side effects of the prescribed medications for Joey’s autism was liver damage, minor seizures, insomnia and drastic weight loss.

Joey’s mother goes on to mention “he was diagnosed with malnutrition and anorexia, he only weighed 46 pounds, and he was very weak. You could see the bones in his face. At that moment I realized if I do not take him off these hard-core prescription medications, my son was going to die.”

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In a last-ditch effort the young boy’s mother turned to medical marijuana, giving it to him imprecise measured dosages in the form of different Cannabinoid rich edibles.  “The changes have been dramatic” Joey’s mother notes. The doctors noticed a measured difference within just a few short weeks of Joey’s new cannabis regime. One doctor stating that she was seen cheeks on the young boy for the first time ever, a sign of increased desire to eat and nutritional intake.  With a big smile, Joey’s mother explains “now he eats everything…Calamari, Sushi, everything. He finally has a desire to eat, and is getting the nutrients that he is been lacking the last seven years.”

The interesting thing is that his increased appetite is only one benefit, as he is now less irritable and is otherwise unstoppable repetitive behaviors have been greatly diminished.

Dr. Drew Pinsky is a specialist in addiction and can be seen in this video stating that he believes it to be a reasonable application of medicinal marijuana. Not that’s both welcome and shocking.


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  1. I am an R.N. from Utah. I think on a daily basis I wish that it was legal here. We have highest rate of children with autism, including my son. He is high functioning with adhd, and aggressive behaviors. The medications perscribes have meth in them. Is that better for children? I give medications that have side effects, that result in more perscriptions and side effects until my patients have a cup full of pills and complain that they dont feel well. If I can give cocain (lidocain), meth (ritalin), and alcohol, i should be able to give marijiana. The contraversy is it will create lung problems if smoked. It can be provided by pill form, spray, food, tea and vaporized. It is starting tp show helpful benefits with cancer, MS,autism, adhd, axnxiety, eating disorders and more. Research, evidence based practices and holistic care for our patients is key to success in legalization. Congratulations at your success, evidence that it helps not always harms.

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