MMJ: The Feds New Argument Will Be…"You Don't Smoke Medicine"


We should all be very concerned of this up coming ‘Perfect Storm’ of perverse power and greed…


Occasionally even the slightest change in verbiage can have weighty outcomes. So what when a tiny little word is changed? Particularly if its for the purpose of informing, but what about times where it’s sole purpose is to be misleading. As the federal government, which has fought tooth and nail to maintain the status quo regarding marijuana prohibition for the last 80 years – recently updated its main ‘go to’ argument on why pot is bad. Remember, not too long ago, the federal government’s mantra was “there is no such thing as ‘medicinal’ marijuana”. Well, out with the old – and in with the new. And in the new release of their argument (federal government why pot is bad 4.20) they claim that ….

“you don’t smoke medicine”

Is it possible that this is a sign that the federal government has finally come to it senses and is now willing to acknowledge, however reluctantly, that medicinal marijuana is not only safe and effective as medicine…but that it might yet hold unknown health benefits, waiting to be discovered once scientists are allowed to fully investigate all of the marijuana plants active compounds ?  Or is this the same war but with a new twist, playing the overly elevated pot smokers for fools, setting them up for their “second phase” of the marijuana prohibition?

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It’s a question that is been posed several times over the last couple months (at least by me), and particularly brought into focus when visiting the federal government’s antidrug website, filled with links and other biased statistics, now -looking rather sanitized… devoid of its long-held pronouncements against ‘medical marijuana’. In favor of that new mantra we spoke of earlier, one that seems to welcome another 75 years of marijuana prohibition, brought to us by our federal government’s new warm and fuzzy relationship with big pharmacy.

We should all be very concerned of this up coming ‘perfect storm’ of perverse power and greed, one in which the feds love of hypocrisy will allow for a patented – FDA approved cannabinoid augmented medicine available by prescription – while instantaneously beefing up enhanced criminal and civil consequences for pot smokers in general, unambiguously in its intent – seeking to crush millions of pot growers, weed dealers and medical marijuana patients who prefer to burn a joint or eat a brownie.

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This not-so-subtle change in verbiage, now allows for the doors to swing wide open to the major pharmaceutical companies. No doubt they will now produce a wide spectrum of patented cannabinoid pharmaceuticals. While, amazingly, our federal government still labels the cultivators, sellers and consumers of medical marijuana as “criminals.”

Predicting this sad scenario is unfortunately easy when one takes notice of the only current political holdover from the Bush era serving in the Obama administration (not counting FBI Dir. Mueller) is Michael Leonhardt, the head of the DEA. Combine this dark and ominous fact with Leonhardt’s “friendly status” with the former Office of National Drug Control Policy Deputy administrator Dr. Andrea Barthwell, now one of the principal lobbyists for GW pharmaceuticals, and we can easily predict that plant-based marijuana medicine potentially has rough sailing ahead.  GW is the pharmaceutical company producing the cannabinoid-based over-the-counter medicine – Sativex.

Throwing into the mix the federal government’s own patents on specific cannabinoids in the never-ending pursuit of proprietary dominance for these highly valuable cannabinoids, the future looks cloudy, and it’s not from marijuana smoke. These clouds will be from a prohibition storm of epic proportion, as a confluence of power, greed and the public’s good intentions leave marijuana consumers – the free market – and personal liberties at serious risk.


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  1. Actually there are several meds that are inhaled. Bronchodilators long and short acting along with a host of steroid type inhalers are presently being medically prescribed and used by literally millions of people of all ages. The lungs have been an avenue of medication deposition for quite a long time. Medicine is only part of the deal here though. Let’s not forget the recreation aspect of it all. Can I get an amen to that?

  2. Agreed on the lungs as a means of ingestion, however given the wording this article provides they say “Smoked”so the types of inhaled medications mentioned in the comment above would circumvent this “Medication is not smoked”as I think they would mean specifically requiring combustion to meet that criteria thus targeting pot.

  3. actually,

    This is because the Govt and Big Pharma already own the patents to all forms and formulas of medical marijuana that are manufactured. look it up. scary.

  4. I would rather smoke marijuana than take pills, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I have been smoking pot for 37 years and I am still alive and kicking. I don’t know why it has been illegal for so many years and I don’t understand why something that is completely harmless is illegal. I just don’t understand it at all.

  5. I refuse to take synthetic, as a matter of fact because of the position our government I am refusing all healthcare from them. I have been developing a legal plant that crosses with cannabis and if we can prove it has a unigue property of medicinal value they can’t strike down the cannabis plant because without the cannabis plant, this plant won’t exist. Anybody know anybody who wants or can test it?

  6. Been smokin since ’65 (never cigarettes) and have had a rather successful life. Stopped for 20 years while I raised my 4 kids. Survived several years of treatment for Liver then Neck & Throat Cancer. Couldn’t swallow a sip of water for 3 1/2 years, solid food 5 1/2 years. Fried by chemotherapy I have no short term memory and am 100% disabled. I no longer have any appetite and have gone over a week without eating and wound up back in the hospital. I “Inhale” every evening and eat without prompting due to the munchies. I was also able to stop taking anti-depression meds, sleeping pills, Morphine for pain 6 times a day plus 4 other pills when I started “Inhaling” again. Conscious of my health I purchased a highend Volcano Vaporizer. I don’t smoke, I inhale THC Vapors. The combustible portion doesn’t burn, there is no smoke. I’ve also learned to cook with my medicine. I also enjoy tea & lollypops among other eatable products. The’re right, I don’t smoke medicine either. I inhale vapors & digest eatables and maintain a healthier life.

  7. The Cannabis Prohibition is the greatest fraud of all time: the pernicious effects of this crime are myriad, extreme and ubiquitous.

    Lets assimilate that Prohibition is the direct cause of:
    astronomical world energy, resource and food prices, with disastrous and homicidal corollary effects;
    world poverty;
    world famine;
    industrial and automotive emissions poisoning air;
    photochemical smog and acid rain;
    the Greenhaouse effect, global warming and fatally catastrophic weather;

    and that RESTORATION is the immediate scientific solution for all this.

    … but I still do not grow medicine in my garden … hahaha

    Currently, to use the term “drug” to describe cannabis is not simply untruthful, but worse, it is the premeditated adoption of an unconscionable Prohibitionist tactic of semantic abuse. This devious ploy deliberately associates mild, benign cannabis with potentially dangerous, addictive substances, drugs – of which alcohol is one such – to make cannabis appear to be something harmful, which the official empirical researches confirm is not.

    Cannabis – The Benign Herb
    The official Empirical Studies into actual use of cannabis conclude:
    1) use of Cannabis has no adverse effect upon mental or physical health: Cannabis is harmless;
    2) use of Cannabis does not cause any impairment to mental and physical abilities: Cannabis is safe;
    3) modern Medical Case Histories show Cannabis to have numerous beneficial results to health: Cannabis is benign.

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