One Man’s Christmas Tree… Is Another Man’s Pot Plant


 1,000 Marijuana Plants Found Disguised As A Christmas Tree Farm


Thinking that he had done all the work necessary to properly hide his tree sized marijuana plants, Abdul Jamar suffered the same overconfidence that has brought down many a talented medical marijuana gardener. Abdul believed he had outwitted California’s law enforcement by shielding and covering his remote desert cultivation operation. Alias — there were one or two snags in his less than well thought out plan.

First off, these ‘trees’ appeared surprisingly over-sized for any type of tree to be thriving in the California desert, particularly after the crippling heat of the summer season.

Second, generally speaking – pot leaves bear no resemblance to pine needles.

Third, having already been arrested once for growing mad amounts of weed, then discounting the tenacity of the local sheriff’s department, assuming that they wouldn’t be suspicious of a barricaded and covered compound.

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Mr. Jamar was arrested in late Sept. after the local sheriff’s deputy discovered nearly 1000 pot plants being cultivated in two separate 50-by-100 foot enclosures on his property. Unfortunately for Abdul this was his second run-in with the law over growing pot and with the same sheriff’s deputy (bad luck). Abdul was arrested in early June for his first attempt at cultivating weed in the remote California desert.  A not so funny side note to Jamar’s journey through the CA legal system, was that his first marijuana farm which got busted was located approximately 6 miles from his most recent cultivation attempt.

Standing out like a sore thumb, Abdul’s latest pot saturated property stretched out over five acres in the Lancaster area of California, only a few short miles from the epicenter of the West Coast marijuana aficionados, that call Los Angeles home. As a general rule of thumb, the high desert is not typically a place where you find an oasis of green.

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Hiding his marijuana monsters wasn’t the problem, at least not the worst of them. Abdul was arrested for having the chutzpah to grow marijuana (again), after recently being busted just down the road from this current cultivation site. Doesn’t California allow its citizens to grow medical marijuana? Sure, but that doesn’t give everyone carte blanche to cultivate as much as they want, of what the federal government still considers an illegal substance.

Growing weed is generally still frowned upon by most authorities, and is still a crime for those without a medical marijuana recommendation, or those that choose to grow beyond their allowed limit. So cultivating a farm of marijuana trees is generally frowned upon by the local police, and viewed as possession with intent to distribute.

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