Police Preach That Weed Is Hazardous…And Shoot To Prove It


Pot Smokers, “Weapons” and Trigger-Happy Cops


The next time you’re in your smoke circle…and someone breaks out the tired old adage “marijuana isn’t dangerous”, remembering that for the most part that’s true. The primary oversight to that statement that one should keep in mind, is not so inconsequential. That would be the interaction between pot smokers and law enforcement, should one be so unlucky.

Five People Killed In The Name Of Weed Consumption …


John Husband III

Husband – 21 – had an unfortunate run-in with and a Dallas police officer and was eventually killed back in early June, after being pulled over for a simple traffic violation. The officer ordered Husband out of his vehicle, after he stated that he believed that he smelled weed in the car.  The officer, claimed the victim reached for a pistol, forcing the officer to gunned him down him down… in self-defense, of course. The two eyewitnesses in Husbands car that day say differently: according to them, there was no struggle for a gun. Rather, Husdand made the simple mistake… trying to run from the cops, which is where he was shot in the back.

John Husband III-shot-over-weed

John Husband III-shot-over-weed


Chavis Carter

After being arrested by Jonesboro, Arkansas, police in July for possession of an undisclosed amount of pot in his vehicle, the 21-year-old Carter allegedly committed suicide with a small caliber handgun that he somehow fired into his right temple, despite the fact that he’d already been previously searched for weapons by the cops – and with his hands cuffed behind his back. Carter’s morning relatives maintain he was not a suicidal type of person.

Chavis Carter-shot-over-pot

Chavis Carter-shot-over-pot

Wendell Allen

Last March, 20-year-old Allen was unarmed when a New Orleans police officer shot him to death while serving a search warrant on Allen’s residence – on suspicion of low level pot distribution. The New Orleans police officer was indicted on manslaughter charges over Allen’s death. The Louisiana Justice Institute planned to threaten the city with a lawsuit if the officer was not charged.

Wendell Allen-shot-over-pot

 William Reddie

Last February in Grayling, Michigan, William was killed by a County Sheriff when child protective services (CPS) tried to seize his three-year-old son from his residence. Earlier that day a police officer reported smelling weed at the home while there on a domestic dispute call. William was killed after he allegedly pulled a knife. It turns out CPS and the Sheriff’s should not have been summonsed; no Pot or booze was found, in the now dead father’s system.

William Reddie-shot-over-pot

William Reddie-shot-over-pot

Remarley Graham

18-year-old Graham was gunned down by New York City’s finest at his Bronx residents in February. He was chased by plain close narcotics officers, who allegedly spotted a gun on him. Um… not so much! Graham had no weapons when he was gunned down in his bathroom trying to flush a minute amount of weed down the toilet. The officer involved in the shooting was charged with manslaughter, to which he also subsequently pleaded not guilty, saying he had “no choice.”

Remarley Graham-sot-over-pot

Remarley Graham-sot-over-pot

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