The War Against Marijuana: Is It Going, Going, Gone?


 Not if the Police, Politicians and Cartels Have Any Say…


As the country sat slack-jawed in amazement, witnessing from the sidelines the last 60 days of historic events in the long fought battle for marijuana legalization — and sickened by the insane hypocrisy that rules its existence around the world. The death screams of a moronic Drug-policy in Latin America and the United States could be heard reverberating around the globe, bringing us closer to the finish line of a common sense drug policy.

The three primary shifts which have shaken the earth beneath the marijuana communities feet, would each have been important based on their own merit; taken as a whole, they could quite easily be the final ‘nail in the coffin’ of ignorance, bringing to an end the failed war on weed.

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The votes heard around the world– “the vote” to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the great states of Colorado and Washington on November 6 was nothing short of historic. Allowed for the first time, America’s voters stood up and spoke out, on what they believed should be considered an “illicit drug”, and smoking a joint of good weed was not it. So within the greatest tradition of America – they voted on and approved propositions which legalized the possession, production, and distribution of marijuana for recreational consumption – the funny thing was…the vote not even close, marijuana won hands down.

The overwhelming support in Colorado and Washington sent up smoke signals to the rest of the alcohol soaked, cigarette puffing country. So far the welcomed outcome of the November 6, votes have yet to create much of a conflict between the federal government and any pro-pot state legislation. However the ‘elephant in the room,’ is whether or not this silence from the federal government indicates a shift in attitudes away from marijuana prohibition, similar to the president’s epiphany on same-sex marriage – or is he just waiting for the smoke to clear before he sends in the DOJ attack dogs?

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Just as noteworthy was President Barack Obama’s delayed response to the Washington and Colorado votes – two states in which he easily defeated candidate Romney. The unaddressed legal and political obstacles are no small matter: cannabis remains an unlawful material under United States federal law, in addition to international agreements that the United States has agreed to. Laughingly… other issues did not fare so well – most notably, immigration. The president out-right rejected the claims of some states’ (Hey, Arizona) and their perceived rights to discriminate based on nationality, instead claiming federal authority over this topic.

Regardless of the inconsistencies, in a highly watched prime time interview on December 14, the president made three trailblazing declarations.

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1st – Stating that the enforcement of federal marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington was far from a top priority of his administration; noting that they had “other fish to fry.”

2nd – After first reiterating his own hypocritical opposition to pot legalization, he added: “at this point.” This crack in the federal veneer – represents the first time a sitting American president has ever given the slightest indication at a possible future policy change. At long last, Obama has been dragged kicking and screaming into “national conversation” on the looming question of state versus federal laws regarding alcohol, tobacco and recreational pot consumption.

3rd – Fortunately Calderón’s epic failure in the “war on drugs” has only highlighted the bloodbath that accompanies substance prohibition, from one of the world’s most profitable drug running countries in North America, Mexico. It is through the porous Mexican border that virtually all of America’s illegal drugs are smuggled into US – heroin, fake pharmaceuticals, methamphetamines, cocaine, and yes… even marijuana.

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As December 21, 2012 marked the end of the Mayan long calendar, and everyone was anticipating the end…no one knew the end of what? Could it be that the Mayan calendar was merely counting down to the end of the failed Drug policy? Will 2013 be the year that clarity of thought, and empathy for the human condition – will win out over decades of bloodshed, subjugation, and criminalization?

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Slowly, painfully – things are beginning to look up. Seemingly moving in the right direction, it’s truly a shame that so many had to suffer…and common sense took so long.


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