Are you a Weed Warrior Looking For The Right Battle? StoptheDrugWar Needs Your Passion


  As a means of gearing up for the inevitable social “discussion” is looking for a few good men


While the marijuana community has many organizations working towards the end goal of federal marijuana reform, organizations like StoptheDrugWar take on a much broader scope. It is their firm belief that a majority of the damage most often laid at the footsteps of “drug use” is more often the byproduct of misdirected laws which criminalize a human activity. And once society has created legal and illegal drug categories, we see the illegal substances– marijuana, mushrooms, LSD…etc. labeled as the cause of gang violence, rampant crime and communal health issues.

As a means of gearing up for the inevitable social “discussion” is looking for a few good men. They’re seeking talented individuals with skills ranging from – IT, research, finance, and any other skill set that might further the cause.

Note that internships are unpaid. We reimburse for metro fare. Please also note that the organization has functioned as a “virtual office” environment since spring 2011. Staff will meet with interns on a regular basis during the semester, and can be available to meet and work together on a weekly or even daily basis, but this will happen in places like coffee shops or campuses.

In order to help our interns forge ties with the larger community, we are organizing intern networking social hours with other organizations in drug policy and justice reform. We are also arranging tours of the DC courts and possibly jail, and public health and other programs that have bearing on drug policy. Interns are also welcome to join us at the frequent legislative working group meetings that take place on our issues here in Washington.

Do you happen to live in the Washington DC area? Are looking to get involved in a socially relevant crusade? The accepted applicants will enjoy a hands-on experience from the political front lines of the drug war.  So if you’re an articulate political junkie, who likes the idea of discussing sentencing reform, marijuana law reform and the collateral damage done by the multitude of substance-based criminal convictions… drop David Borden an e-mail and tell them – sent you



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  1. Not in the States 🙁 Is there anything similar one can do to help rid the UK of their draconian drug laws? Particularly to introduce medical marijuana? Any way I can help??
    Love Gillian, Scotland

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