Humboldt State University Wants Jimmy Kimmel To Learn More About Pot


  “…we figure you owe us. Humboldt State provided you with just over 3 minutes of pretty good material.”


Humboldt County and the emerald triangle – as well as its famous pot industry are cultivating news headlines again. Today the L.A. Times fired off an article about Jimmy Kimmel and his recent jokes about Humboldt State University and their now highly sought after curriculum at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research.

Jimmy Kimmel has been throwing out one-liner pot jokes for a while now. The first target was President BHO (Barack Hussein Obama –no coincidence), but then he turned his sharpened humor spear on HSU. Firing up jokes about smoking weed on his late night snooze feast “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Taking the easy pot shots at Humboldt State University, the Nor-Cal based school for higher learning – gets it…very funny.

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To demonstrate they have an elevated sense of humor and there are no hard feelings, HSU has been trying to get Kimmel to come and visit the emerald triangle and the HSU campus.  To walk around the community and see for himself just how important marijuana is as an economic component  – not only feeding the local economic engine, but setting the tone for what makes this sweet northern California town unique.

President of the college, Rollin C. Richmond and student government president Ellyn Henderson sent a letter to Kimmel inviting him to speak at commencement ceremonies in May. For over three minutes, the talk show host joked about marijuana smoking and the educational aspects related to it on an episode which aired on Nov. 27; according to the letter sent by university officials, “…we figure you owe us. Humboldt State provided you with just over 3 minutes of pretty good material.”

As Kimmel joked that the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research would focus on lectures and research on how marijuana relates to economics, geography, politics, psychology and sociology, he finished with the quip that students would “probably just end up playing Ultimate Frisbee.” Kimmel even aired a phony video in which actors encouraged prospective students to attend the institute so they could learn about dog walking, snow board rental, pizza delivery, dressing up as Chewbacca, and “living in a van and selling friendship bracelets and patchouli oil.”

In the ‘Times’ piece, a P.R. person for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” noted that the comedian was still ‘dazed and confused’ from his recent hiatus – and that after readjusting to his return, he’ll look for the invitation from Humboldt State University, which is no doubt lost in a stack of hate/junk mail.

Source – The Examiner

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