Illinois Communities Prepare For The Green Rush Of Medical Marijuana


…but what is the true likelihood of HB 1 passing? 


One of the primary concerns for a tiny little town in Illinois – is where exactly should medical marijuana collectives, and their related grow operations be allowed? At least thats the primary concern for the quaint and quiet village of Lemont?

This question is one of the major hurdles that many towns, cities and municipalities throughout the great state of Illinois will need to address if their politicians are ever to enact legislation which would allow its residents the use of medical marijuana.

Once the new legislative session fired up last week, State Rep. Lou Lang (D-16) did as he promised he would and introduced H. B. 1(House Bill), commonly referred to as the ‘Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Pilot Program Act‘. In its current form – H.B. 1 proposes to permit physicians to provide diagnosis for their patients  who are properly listed with the Illinois Department of Public Health to “legally possess no more than six cannabis plants and two ounces of dried usable cannabis.”

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In addition to other requirements, the brief introductory bill (one paragraph long) stipulates that DPH must provide rules and regulations for the consideration of “applications for and renewals of registration certificates for medical cannabis organizations.”

As a means of preparing for the inevitable, a Committee in Lemont spent an entire evening listening to prudent words of advice from the Village attorney Jeff Stein. Mr. Stein recommended that, as a means of preparing for the possible passage of Illinois medical marijuana legislation, Lemont should proactively begin discussions. Mandating that the planning commission should seek to determine where medical marijuana distribution facilities would be permitted in Lemont.

“What most communities have done is to be a little proactive,” Stein said. “At this point, we don’t need action immediately. We can have the plan commission look at it now or wait until the legislature acts upon it.”

While everyone’s planning for the inevitable, the disgruntled Lemont Police Chief expressed his deepest desires, hoping that the Illinois state legislators’ will come up short on votes and ultimately  fail.

“I’m very opinionated on the topic of medical pot and am involved with the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police to try to defeat this legislation,” said Lemont Police Chief Kevin Shaughnessy. “I think any police officer who deals with the effects of drugs and sees its effects on kids, on families, feels that way.



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